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Blue Aspen by Tenaya Jayne

Blue Aspen by Tenaya Jayne

FYI: I am giving away my copy of this book at Blog with Bite. Enter Here. Contest will be ending today (Dec. 12th) Copy was provided by the author for review.

Synopsis: When seventeen-year-old Dulcee Elders' mother embarks on a road trip from their home in California, Dulcee knows something odd is about to happen. Her suspicions are confirmed when they arrive at Uncle Jack's house outside of Durango, Colorado. Without another word, Dulcee's mother is gone, and Dulcee faces life with her reclusive and wealthy uncle in a looming rural mansion.

Dulcee has suffered from insomnia ever since her father died more than ten years ago. But once at home at Uncle Jack's, inexplicably Dulcee now can sleep; sleep brings not only strange and intricate dreams, but a dream lover. For now, Vincent Sands is only the silhouette of a man, but when Uncle Jack leaves town for business, Dulcee's dream world and reality collide. Once she is alone, the silhouette is no longer content to remain only in her dreams.

When Dulcee is asleep, Vincent can give her anything she wants, even the ability to talk to her dead father. Inevitably, Vincent must leave when Uncle Jack returns. Dulcee experiences the high price of loving Vincent-an addiction rivaling that of any hard-core drug. Desperate to bridge the gap between them, Dulcee faces a crucial decision that carries irreversible consequences.

Review: Based on the synopsis of this book and other reviews, I actually am disappointed in myself for just not getting into this story. I want to give my honest thoughts on this book, though. So here goes. The plot lines on this tale are original.  It is always interesting to delve into the insane's POV. But, when you are dealing with a mentally challenged protagonist - their actions just don't make sense. Cause they are crazy.  So, the whole time I'm thinking "Um, chick, you really don't want to do that." It got so frustrating that I just couldn't relate to her.

To top it off the narrative tone of the book was very dry.  It was almost done in a sing-song alienesque kind of voice, that had me picturing Optimus Prime meets Julia Child.  Bizarre.

Then with the introduction of Vincent the story line gets even more bizarre. This guy just pops up, throws and evening gown on her and they are in love.  Then they sprout wings and make-out until she turns beautiful. Any other day I might have been all about this one.  But it just struck me wrong. Then there was supposed to be this whole suspense thing kickin' through the entirety of the book.  It was almost too much. Hints and clues and such until the final reveal in the last sentence. I won't give it away but it just left me with a "huh?" and not an "Oh!"

Good points of the book, the concept was good - and I really wish I hadn't been thrown off by the narration - because this book would have been great. It was a very well thought out plot and the characters had depth and you could feel the darkness surrounding them.  The editing was very well done, also. The author's style was also enjoyable.  Her words painted a picture and I hate creeping back to that tone, but if wasn't for that narrative style I would have really gotten into the book. Because of that I'm looking forward to reading this author again, hoping that the next book takes a different approach.

Obviously, though it does appeal to others based on good reviews the book is getting elsewhere.  So go enter the contest - and if you win let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry you didnt like it, I think I loved the story because of the wintery dark feel to it...I thought the romance was weird too...but seriously when I found out who Vincent was I was like for real????

Cleverly Inked said...

This wont be one Ill buy. Great review

Book Whisperer said...

I am getting read to start this. We will see how it goes.

Juju at Tales of said...

Fab review!

gringo1314 said...

This review is incoherent and your opinion is inconsistent. You insult the author and then give her praise. I've read Blue Aspen. It doesn't seem like you and I read the same book.

ParaJunkee said...

You know I was trying to cite good and bad in the review...cause I didn't want to totally trash the book. Once again - reviews are OPINIONS. If you get a bad review - go to the bar - get a shot and spout your woes to the bartender. Just like if you get a good review - do a shot and do a dance. Whatever. Not everyone can love your work.

As a designer I have had some of my work compared to pubic hair...yeah me! Did I call up the client and say that he insulted me and that my life is now ruined???? Did I insult the client back and say their critique was incoherent??? No! I went home, broke out the Jack Daniels and whined to my husband. Then do you know what I did??? The next design I did I made sure it was damn good! To show that opinionated SOB that I actually was talented.

I'm ranting not just from the above comment, but I also got an email from the author.

Not to mention I made an exception about this book because it was self-published and the last self-published novel (From iUniverse also) I reviewed the author got really rude with me. Then had her "FANS" cyber stalk my amazon account and blog making really ugly comments about my moral fortitude. I've changed the label on this blog so it will now pull up those other "bad reviews".

Thank you for visiting!

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