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New Year - New Blog Design Contest

Contest is closed - winners will be chosen shortly. Check back for other design contests beginning soon!

Want a new look for the New Year??
Enter the New Year - New Blog Design Contest right here at Parajunkee's View.

If you didn't know by now, Parajunkee doesn't just read, she is also a web designer (graphic designer, illustrator) by trade.  And now you can win some Parajunkee Design!

What do you get in this awesome *Slap Yo Mamma* contest??? My biggest design giveaway yet -
Header - Button - Background

With that combination you basically get a whole new blog design.  

This design work retails at $90 So Enter Now!

Contest Rules & Deets:
  1. Contest is open to EVERYONE Internationally 
  2. Contest ends JAN 9th
  3. As the winner you will be provided with a static (just the image) header, blog button and a background image, files will be hosted on (or a host of your choice), I will guide you through the HTML part if you need it.
  4. If I get to 450 followers during this contest, there will be a RUNNER UP.  Runner up will receive a Header / Button combo ($70 value)
  5. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize (email will be sent)
  6. Please fill out the form embedded in this post to enter
  7. HINT HINT - to remember if you entered this contest or not COMMENT! I am not offended by NICE Contest comments :)

    Extra Entries (you will be asked to provide links):
    +1 Tweet : RT New Year - New Blog Design Contest -- @Parajunkee Header, Button Background Combo!
    +2 Sidebar
    +5 Post about this contest
    +3 Parajunkee Design Follower - I have a Design Blog also 
    +5 Display my button the Parajunkee's View Button or Parajunkee Design your choice!

    Good Luck!


    PeaceLove&Pat said...

    I'd love to win :)
    Awesome contest.
    Thanks for this and wow, congrats 436 followers, well deserved.


    Laura Hartness said...

    You can totally get to 450! I'll start tweeting to get the word out.

    I'd love to win this one-- My Blogger template is fine, but it could use some juice. And I can't find any good art of bookish Calico Cats anywhere!

    Well, I'm off to work on my entries and then your embedded form. Thanks for the chance to enter and for providing this service to the winner!

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

    Wrighty said...

    Terrific contest!! You have such clever, creative and awesome designs (skulls with pink bows - how cool is that?) I love to see your work! I first saw it on Teens Read and Write and was hooked. I wish I could afford it on my own but I'm happy to promote your work. Congrats on all your followers!

    Enbrethiliel said...


    This contest has me drooling!

    There are over 430 Followers as of this moment, so you're definitely going to get to 450. =)

    Emily Cross said...

    Hey, excellent contest, *fingers crossed* :)

    Stacy said...

    Up to 438 followers! You are so going to get 450!

    I totally want to win this! I need something original on my blog!!

    Mariah said...

    Great contest! I would be soooo excited if I won! Thanks for such a great opportunity.

    Charlie said...

    I love this contest!! Good luck to all who entered!! Can't wait to see the design!

    Larissa said...

    Awesome Contest hun! your Blog rocks! Congrats on passing 400 followers! =)))

    JG said...

    This is an amazing contest! Thanks for offering it!

    Melissa (My World) said...

    This is an amazing giveaway! Your blog designs have been amazing to see. Thanks for the generous offer!

    Good luck to everyone.

    Mary said...

    Amazing! I just entered!

    Jessilyn said...

    I would LOVE!!! tO Win this one.. or even runner
    up my blog could use some work!! This is a great contest thanks for adding it.
    I know you'll be making 45o followers very soon.

    Thanks ;)

    Trish said...

    just finished my post on your AWESOME giveaway! Whould it help my chances of winning if the mentioned that I sent them over...hehehe

    ....well it doesn't hurt a girl to ask does it???


    Jenny N. said...

    Great contest, I'm going to enter too.

    chelleyreads said...

    this is an amazing contest! thank you for the opportunity :)

    happy new year!

    Cleverly Inked said...


    Juju at Tales of said...

    Fantastic contest :)

    Anonymous said...

    I LOVE your designs! And a huge thanks for having these contests for those of us who are design challenged. :)

    Happy New Year!

    Arielle said...

    Awesome contest, your designs are GREAT!

    Happy New Year :)

    Fear Death By Water said...

    I'm more interested in how you got the picture in the url to show up ... I worked on that for hours and still nothin. Some help perhaps?

    TerryLynnJohnson said...

    What an amazing opportunity! Great idea for a contest.

    Spav said...

    This is a great contest. Thanks!

    Kym said...

    Thanks so much! I have my fingers crossed! I am new to all this so any help will be great!

    Sherry @ Flipping Pages for All Ages said...

    This is so awesome! I have a generic design so it would be awesome to be personalized and to have my very own everything! Thanks for the contest!

    Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

    Can't believe I almost missed this. Still love the header and button combo you designed for me! :D

    s.meadows said...

    Awesome contest, sorry I missed it! Is there a current contest going on? If so, where do I enter? I love your work!

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