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Ring of Desire by Ryshia Kennie

Ring of DesireWhispers of an ancient magic drew them together ... In the medieval land of Hafne, a curse has swept through the land leaving it barren and without hope. As one of the chosen, Vala watches for signs of the prophecy and with it, the owner of a ring who is destined to fight by her side and drive away the darkness. The newly arrived Norman enemy is an unnecessary complication in Hafne-and in beautiful Vala's heart. ... An unspeakable evil fights to keep them apart. Giles arrives with his Norman men in time to rescue a mysterious woman from a watery death. Holding Vala in his arms, the stirrings of destiny and desire begin, binding him to a prophecy of which he surely has no part-binding him to a search for his true origins and a fight to save his soul and hers.

This book from the moment I opened it intrigued me.  I read the synopsis and while I am not a big fan of historical fantasy, thought I might enjoy this book.  The beginning was very good and I found myself drawn in, but as I got further into the book, I realized I really wasn't as into as I was in the beginning. Once again it could be because I'm not a fan of historicals... all the nays and maidens ...but I actually got confused within the pages. Later on it did iron out and I got back into the novel, but the damage had been done, unfortunately. 

It was very well written and the plot was entertaining and original. The bad guys were very creepy. I think where it was lacking was in the main characters, I just could not relate to Giles and Vala.  They were just so different that I wasn't drawn into them to care what happened.  In the beginning Vala's plight was intense and I was drawn to her, but she began acting oddly later on and I just didn't get what her motives were.

If you are a fan of Historical Fantasy, maybe this would be something you would be into. I am not going to rate it though, because I think any rating I put on it would be unfair, since this is not a genre of preference for me - and now I know in the future not to tread these waters.


Shweta said...

Looks like something I will enjoy reading. Nice review

Ladytink_534 said...

It's been SO long since I've read any historical fantasy but I usually love it. I have to admit that I'm a little curious about this one even if you couldn't connect with the main character (I had that problem not too long ago with Ruined but I loved the plot).

ladystorm said...

Hey, Not sure if you got my email but wanted to let you know that I sent you one telling you that you won first place in my 100 followers contest. As soon as you pick your books I can email the next person, so please look to see if you got a email from me if not I will send it again.


chelleyreads said...

hmmm... i'm kinda into historical fantasy. this sounds intriguing so i might look more into it. thanks for the review :)

Melissa (My World) said...

I am curious about the book. I may like it, I am not sure, but it sounds like something I may like to read. I will have to look into it more. Thanks for mentioning it, as I had not heard of the book till now.

Cleverly Inked said...

Not my type of read..Great review

Juju at Tales of said...

Great review. I love stories that grab you from the get go.

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