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Please give a PJV welcome to author J.A. Saare author of Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. PJV is a participant of the Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between blog tour from Goddess Fish Promotions.  A randomly chosen commenter will be the recipient of a $10 Amazon Gift card! So leave your comments for Jaime and maybe you will win!

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Hello and Greetings, thanks for having me on the blog!
Fur and fangs blend with the paranormal like peas and carrots.  So do full-moons and sunrises.  So what’s an author to do when he or she gets the yen to create something unique that stands apart from the rest?   Most of the good stuff has already been done before, and creating your own little niche isn’t as easy as it seems.
When I decided to write a darker urban fantasy, I knew two things – the vampires would be as killable and “normal” as possible.  That’s not to say they’re not stronger, faster, or deadlier, but rather, I didn’t bolster them with a multitude of abilities.  I decided early on that each would be granted some special power upon their change versus allowing them to shape shift, turn into mist, or manipulate thinking by design.  I wanted them to be dangerous, but let’s face it, when aided by the talents they already possess, what mortal man or woman really stands a chance?
Some vampire fans probably won’t care for the idea, as they prefer a Christine Feehan Carpathian style immortal, and believe me, I get it.  In my Desires of the Otherworld series vampires have access to more abilities.  However, for the urban fantasy genre, I truly felt I had to give my heroine some kind of leg to stand on.  She had to be strong in her own right, even if notably vulnerable in relation to her undead counterparts, which consequently, brought me to an entirely new set of issues.
We’ve seen necromancers in stories past, and I wanted Rhiannon to be different.   For all extents and purposes, she’s a normal woman who works as a bartender in a strip club.  There was nothing extraordinary about her, aside from her tendency to see the spirits of the dead.  After agonizing over it, I decided to take the journey as I normally do – as a pantser – and chose to make her entirely ignorant of her abilities, which allowed me the opportunity to discover what she could do just as she did.  Fortunately, the puzzle pieces fell into place as I went along with nary a hitch.  It was intriguing and exciting, and I daresay, created unique talents for Rhiannon that I’ve never read in any story before.
Which brings me to the inspiration behind what I write.
I love the journey.   Uncovering fragments of a treasure map piece by piece, until you finally unveil the big picture.  That’s the joy of being a pantser who has a general idea, but otherwise, flies blind.  It’s not for everyone, but in my case, it assists in allowing the muse free reign.  In my opinion, there is nothing better.
I would love to hear from the rest of you.  Do you plot/storyboard? Or do you have an idea, start from scratch, and watch as things unfold? There is no right or wrong, but I love hearing about the experiences of others.
Happy Reading (and writing)!
Jaime AKA J.A. Saare
Thanks so much Jaime for stopping by!

To find out more about Jamie:

More About Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between

One bad corpse can ruin your whole day. No one knows that better than Rhiannon Murphy. 

She’s left behind the flash and sass of Miami for the no-nonsense groove of New York City, eager for a clean slate and a fresh start. A bartender by trade, a loud mouth by choice, and a necromancer by chance; she’s managed to keep her nifty talent hidden from those around her – until now.

The deliciously good-looking vampire Disco knows her secret, and when he strolls into her bar to solicit help investigating the mysterious disappearances of his kind from the city, she discovers he’s not the kind of person that appreciates the significance of the word no.

But in a world where vampires peddle their blood as the latest and greatest drug of choice, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing hits the market. Someone or something is killing vampires to steal their hearts, and unlike Rhiannon, this isn’t their first stroll around the undead block.


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Parajunkie ;-)

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for having me on your blog today. I really appreciate the opportunity to discuss Dead with you and your guests.

Many Thanks!


Deb said...

Big thank you to Ms. Saare for stopping by your blog and introducing us to this book. It sounds really interesting and I like that it is different from other books. I've added it to my TBR pile.

Thanks again,

deborah150 at hotmail dot com

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Deb, thanks for stopping by. ;-) I tried to create something different, but the verdict is still out. Hope you have a great week.


ParaJunkee said...

Thanks for stopping by Jaime! It's great to have you! The book looks wonderful and I can't wait to read!

Just wanted to answer your question. I'm a graphic artist so I love storyboards, I love sketching out the characters before I lay them out in words. I think it is the most interesting part of the creative process. Probably why I have tons of sketch books and ideas...but very little completed works. LOL.

J.A. Saare said...

That's amazing. I so wish I had that kind of talent, but alas, my "art" comes out looking like a cross between stick figures and something my five-year old would create...actually, make that my two-year old. Wouldn't want to insult my son!

Considering your blog layout, I can see how talented you are. I love the color scheme (and the skulls.

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Dead, undead sounds good. Thanks for the interview Parajunkee and J.A. Saare.


Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Great post Jaime and Parajunkie! The book sounds interesting and I'll add it to my TBR list. I liked your musings about how to write a book. I like the puzzle pieces approach in books where you're not given all the details all at once and you build the story throughout the book. I think as a reader it's more fun because you can guess at what's going on and see if you're right at the end. I hope the blog tour goes well!

J.A. Saare said...

Hello Bryce, thanks for stopping by!

J.A. Saare said...

Hi Heather, it's great to meet you! Thanks for adding Dead to your TBR list, I hope you enjoy it.

I have several friends who plot the entire story out beforehand and follow their sticky notes and storyboards. Their approach is truly fascinating, but I'm not sure I'd be able to do it. Too much changes as I go along, and I love surprises along the way.

Thanks for your words of support. The tour has been a blast so far. It's always fun to meet new people, discover new blogs, and to discuss what people like to read or how they approach writing.

All My Best!


Mandy said...

I've never heard of this book before, but it sounds really good (:

Elie said...

I am a sucker for a vampire novel. LOVE the cover of this book!

Would you want to live as a vampire?

Thanks for the interview Parajunkie, I am putting this one on my list.

Robin K said...

Book sounds awesome! Do you know if it will be printed as well?

s7anna said...

It sounds like an interesting story...I'm curious to find out how it plays out.

Happy Reading
Anna Shah Hoque

GMR said...

Well now, that DOES sound like a twist away from the everyday vamp stories we'e been hearing about (in a good way , of course!). This is my first time hearing about it, but I will definitely be adding it to my seek-out list. Thanks for sharing, parajunkee...and thanks for the added info on your book Jaime!
Happy reading!


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Elie ~ Thanks, I was allowed to use my own cover (created for website), which was a very thrilling shock! I hope you enjoy Dead! ;-)

Howdy Robin ~ It will be available in print within the next couple of weeks. You'll be able to find it on Amazon (is currently available for Kindle as well).

Hello Anna, thanks for stopping by! ;-) I hope you like the story.

GMR, I tried to create something unique, as I"m a huge paranormal fan myself. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!


Stacy said...

This book sounds great, I am going to add it to my wish list right now! I love it that you are doing something different with the vampires...and I do love my vampires!


lovely miss lucy(: said...

Great guest post! This books sounds interesting so *ping* it's in the TBR pile now ^_^


J.A. Saare said...

Hello Stacy and Lucy! Thanks for stopping by. ;-)

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

I really like the way this book sounds. I love stories where the main character is learning his or her trade (in this example, her abilities) as I do.

As for writing, I'm generally a pantser. I start out with an idea and just keep going. But I'm currently working on what will be my first actual novel.. and I'm so worried about messing up that I'm trying to plot things out, at least give it a basic structure to follow. And working out all the kinks before they become a major problem in the story.

I can't wait to check out this book!
Morning Glow
ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Morning Glow!

You're writing your first novel? How exciting! I wish you much success! ;-)

I probably should confess that although I wrote Dead as a pantser, my writing habits have changed (wrote Dead in the fall of 08'). As you write, you grow, and I'm no exception. While most of my stuff is loosely plotted, I do have more of an idea on where I want to go and what I'd like to do.

I'm currently working on a new UF series, and it's plotted far more than any of the first things I've written. I wanted to make things a bit more complex, and that requires strategy.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kaye Manro said...

I love following this tour. Dead is going to be such a good (hope best) seller! Good luck, Jaime!

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Kaye!! ;D

Thanks for dropping by. You know I always love to see you. Hope your writing is going well. Soon, you'll be the one making the blog rounds.


Sullivan McPig said...

Your book sounds like something I should put on my list of 'should buy it if I can find it somewhere'.

As for plotting/storyboarding:
I myself usually don't do any major plotting.
I have a general idea of where I want a story to go and just see if my characters want to play along with my ideas of how to get there or if they feel like taking a whole other route.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Sullivan,

Ah, another pantser, I like it. Wishing you much success in your writing aspirations. Thanks for stopping by. ;)


Stephanie G said...

This sounds like a great read. I just added it to my TBR pile. The cover of your book is amazing.

Lea said...

Awesome guest post! This novel sounds pretty interesting, and I like how she made her vampire's as normal as possible. That's definitely different, but cool :)

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Stephanie ;) I'm so glad you like the cover! It went through various stages before I found exactly what I wanted.

Lea ~ I hope the concept is something new for everyone. It is different, but I hope that's a good thing.

Thanks for stopping by!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I don't really make an outline. I might know certain things that will happen like how to start or how to end or a piece that I want to include...but overall, I tend to be a pantser. It makes it more interesting for me.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Lauren, thanks for sharing and stopping by. ;)

carmen said...

I love getting the little behind-the-scenes snippets and hear what goes into crafting a story. Thanks for sharing! - Carmen

junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

Bethie said...

Thanks for the interview. I love your take on vampires.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

J.A. Saare said...

Hello Carmen and Bethie! Thanks for stopping by! ;)

ninefly said...

I do love reading about a character discovering their powers, and a necromancer sounds really unique, thanks for the interview!

joder said...

I love the sound of your book and that you have written characters that are different then what we've seen before. I like my vamps a bit more down-to-earth and not all powerful. Knowing that they have a weakness makes for a more relatable and sympathetic character.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

J.A. Saare said...

Hey ninefly and joder~

Learning about the powers as Rhiannon did was a lot of fun, and let the story open to numerous possibilities. It was a blast to write. ;)

I enjoyed having fallible vampires because it allows the audience to relate to them on a personal level. If someone can't die, there isn't a whole lot of risk when danger comes calling.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cari Quinn said...

Hi Jaime! Loved the post, as always. ;D

I wish I could say I plotted extensively. Usually when I sit down at the computer, I only have the vaguest idea of where I want to end up. Sometimes that works well, sometimes I end up doing several drafts.

Whatever style of plotting you use, keep it up. I'm addicted to your writing, so I'd say it's working for you. :)

Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between is an amazing story, and I'm eagerly anticipating Rhiannon's further adventures!

Andrea I said...

I enjoy reading the interviews and learning more about you. The book sounds different and very interesting.

Rosalie Stanton said...

Yay! More pimpage for my girl.

I really, really can't wait to dive into this!

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Andrea, thanks again for following me on tour, it's great to see you again.

Cari & Rosalie, my girls! ;-) You two are so fantastic. Thank you for being so supportive and keeping me afloat. Can't thank you both enough!

Stephanie said...

Your books sounds really intriguing and I can't wait to read it. I actually start from the middle of a story and work outwards. I always write the beginning last, which is kind of weird but it works for me. I've been known to get up in the middle of the night to jot down ideas I get as I sleep. Where do you get your ideas and do you have any unsual methods of writing?

icewoman96 at gmail dot com

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Stephanie,

Thanks for stopping by and for the questions. Sounds like you have an interesting way of writing, I'll certainly keep it in mind in the future. (Even if I only attempt it for fun)

My best ideas come when I'm A. Driving in the car. B. Cleaning the house. C. Taking a shower. D. Shopping for groceries

Without fail, I'll always get a glimpse of something while doing those things. Unfortunately, it's not always about the story I'm writing, so it gets stored away until later.

I wouldn't call this an unusual method, but I started a story and got three chapters in once before I realized it had to be written in a 3rd rather than a 1st person narrative. Now, instead of sitting down and jumping to it, I try to get a good feel of all the characters to make sure I'm writing in the proper narrative.

All my best for your writing! Starting in the middle sounds fascinating.


Jessilyn said...

Can't wait to read this I love the cover great interview parajunkee and J.A. Saare

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Jessilyn!

Thanks for dropping by! ;)

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Of course I had to comment for the cover alone (my girl gets around) :) Great guest blog. I'm going to have to try and read this one. Thanks.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Abigail. ;-) Yes, it's a popular image. The cover went through several revisions (over a year ago, it was her and red neon) but I loved the image and didn't want to part with it.

Thanks for stopping by!


The Book Vixen said...

This is the first that I've heard of this book and it definitely piqued my interest! I've added it to my wishlist. Great cover too.

Question for Ms. Saare: How did you come up with the character's names? Wondering if you're a fellow Fleetwood mac fan :D

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Book Vixen,

Yes, I certainly am (a Fleetwood Mac fan), and that's exactly where Rhiannon's name came from. I wanted a unique name, but not one that no one has ever heard before.

It's funny, some people know FM and others kind of shake their heads. It's awesome to meet someone who gets it! ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and for adding Dead to your wishlist!


throuthehaze said...

This book sounds great! I think it is a very interesting direction you took vampires. I can't wait to read it :)

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

The Book Vixen said...

FM was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Rhiannon's name. When I was younger, my dad used to sing that song to me, replacing Rhiannon with my name (I swear, it sounds like my name on the radio). For the longest time I thought they were actually singing my name! LOL

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Raelena, thanks for saying hello. I hope you enjoy the story! (and the vampires)

Book Vixen ~ My Dad was in love with Stevie Nicks, so I was always listening to the old school stuff. That's too funny! ;)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

This story sounds really great. I like how you just let yourself go and trusted in that. I have ideas for stories and would love to just sit down and let them run to see out of curiousity where my mind would take me. I even start thinking along the lines as I am driving to and from work, or to take my son to sports. I just need to make the time to get these ideas on paper and see what happens. Not that I plan on getting publisher or anything, just for myself and the fun.

Great post on the evolving of your character.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Melissa,

I would say if you have the desire to write, sit down and go for it. I have a feeling you'll have a blast and write something amazing!

I wish you all my best. When you polish off that first novel, send an email my way and let me host you on my blog. ;-)


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Thank you Jaime! You are really kind!

donnas said...

Thanks for sharing. This is the first I have read of your book but it sounds great. I really like the different takes you used for your characters. While I love the traditional stories and myths it is fun to read alternatives too. Looking forward to reading your versions.

J.A. Saare said...

Melissa ~ I'm serious. ;-) Don't forget about me when you strike the deal!

donnas~ Thanks for your super-kind words. I love the traditional stuff as well, but sometimes it's fun to veer off the given path. Thanks for stopping by!

Llehn said...

Ooooo ... thanks for the heads up on Dead, Undead. It sounds like something I would love!


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Llehn~

I hope so! Thanks for stopping by! ;)


J.A. Saare said...

Well Parajunkie, I guess I'll call it an evening. ;) It's been an absolute blast to share with everyone today! I want to thank you and everyone who took a moment and stopped by to support me on the tour.

I'll be sure to check back Saturday (after the last tour stop) to make sure I get the names of anyone who comments that I might have missed.

I love the blog, by the way, and will be sure to visit often.


Melissa said...

This really sounds like a great read. I especially love the descriptions that she is a loud mouth by choice. I like those characters. :)

I wish I could write well, but I do love to read. I suppose in my watercolors I plot what I want to do, but often have to let it unfold. Even so, you must still be able to not let it have it's way too much and try to balance letting it have it's way and reining it in. ;)

I'm wondering if that is also like writing?

Martha Lawson said...

Hi! Great interview!! I'll have to add the book to the to buy list. It sounds really good.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Melissa~

I'm not sure about water colors, but I can tell you this about Dead. The original ending is entirely different than what I originally conceived. In fact, one of the major protagonists was doomed to die the moment I started.

As the story progressed, I just "knew" it couldn't end the way I schemed it. Struggle as I might to maintain my original thinking, I ultimately caved and the result is something people may or may not like (the reaction thus far has been a 50/50 Yay to Nay ratio).

So I'm assuming sometimes you have to go with what your mind says versus your heart dictates. Oddly enough, some of the things that are minuscule in Dead are of huge importance in the follow up I'm currently writing, The Renfield Syndrome. So I suppose the subconscious knows what it's doing.

Excellent question, by the way! Thanks for stopping by and asking! ;)

Martha ~ I truly hope you enjoy the story. I'm becoming rather nervous and don't want to disappoint anyone. Thank you for stopping by, showing support, and saying hello. ;)


Julie J. said...

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the post PJ and to JA Saare for telling us more about the upcoming book. This one has been added to my TBR list!


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Julie J~

Thanks for stopping by, and for placing Dead on your TBR list. ;-)


Trini said...

Sounds like my kind of book. I love Vamps! Going to add it to my "To Read" list on my Goodreads page. Love the cover by the way.

Trini@A Book-Lovers' Review

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Trini~

I'm so glad you like the cover, thanks for adding Dead to your GR page too! ;)


Cara Powers said...

I love the new design. I also love that the vampires are killable and that Rhianan is a bartender. Hopefully, I'll be one too in a few weeks. Waiting tables is horrid.

Sullivan, how did you do your bartender research? I am totally a plotter, by the way. I love plotting more than the actual writing. Maybe I should be a James Patterson. You know, hand a writer an outline and have them write it.

I think your books will be the one I choose for my Take Another Chance Challenge.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Cara~

Not sure if you were asking me but my research from bartending came from dating one for several years. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!


dobby said...

This looks great and definitely something I would enjoy. Going to keep an eye out for it!

Ruthann said...

Looks like an interesting book... picked it up for my kindle.

The cover is great too. :)

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Dobby ~ Thanks for stopping by. ;-D

Ruthann ~ I truly hope you enjoy the story. Thank you so much for your support! ;)


Sena said...

Love the cover! Great interview. The book sounds like a really good read!

Sena.sagani (at) gmail (dot ) com

J.A. Saare said...

Hello Sena! Thanks for stopping by. I've entered your name into the hat. ;-)


susan said...

Jaime, this book sounds truly great and I would love to read it and want to wish you the best of luck in this book. susan L.

Jessy said...

Thanks for stopping by. I haven't heard of this but it sounds really interesting. Can't wait to read it!


J.A. Saare said...

Hello Susan and Jessy ~ I'm glad Dead interested both of you. I hope you enjoy the story. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I haven't heard of this author before, but I'm definitely intrigued by the premise of the book. It sounds like it's going to be an interesting addition to the urban fantasy genre! Thanks for the guest post!

Alyssa said...

I hadn't heard of this book before. I think I'll have to check it out now. Thanks for a great guest post!

Bunny B said...

I'm not really into vampire stories, but this sounds like an interesting one!

susan said...

Love the sounds of this book. I also enjoyed the picture of you and to see some place where it wasn't all white with snow. ha ha susan L.

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Natalie, Alyssa, Bunny B, and Susan! ;)

I've entered you all into the hat! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you like Dead!


Tuning Into YA Books said...

Great guest post.I never heard of this book so can't wait to read it!

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Tuning Into YA Books ~

I'm about to draw the name for the winner of the GC. Just got you in time! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


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