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Big Sis, Little Blog Program Finalist

Welcome to Round 2 of the Big Sis, Little Blog Program. Please give a round of applause to all the applicants, it was really tough work weeding this down to 6. Thank you to everyone who applied. If I could mentor everyone, I would.  I was initially going to do 5, but it was a tough call, so here are the final 6. The winner will be up to you, a post will follow this one with the poll. Please vote for your favorites! Blogs are in alphabetical order.


Addicted to Heroines

About: I've gotten some good feedback (from Melissa Marr herself, eek!) but have only a few followers and almost no commenters, I need help, please.  Also, I don't know how to make it all pretty and stuff...

Genres: YA with kick-a** female protagonists

The Bibliophile's Lounge

About: I feel that I haven't reached my full potential as a book blogger. I also think I need help since I still have a lot to learn about book blogging.

Genres: YA Fiction

The Book Pimp Blogs

About: I just started this blog about 3 weeks ago. I love reading and recommending books to people who have similar interests to mine.  I came by my blog name honestly.  My friends and family call me the Book Pimp because I am always loaning them my favorite books. I've only posted 2 reviews on my blog, but have been putting my reviews on goodreads and amazon for about 6 months now.

Genres: contemporary and romantic suspense

Daisy Chain Book Reviews

About: ...I am entirely new to the blogging community. I just started blogging a few days ago, and while I'm really enjoying it as I love reading and writing, I have no idea as to how to actually promote my blog. Where to promote, promotion tools etc - it's all so new to me.

Genres: Young Adult Urban Fantasy, coming of age novels, Gothic mysteries, historical fiction.

Mel's Books and Info

About:I have had a blog for a while, but I have just really started getting into it.  I am also supposed to blog for my work, and mostly started my personal blog as a testing ground for that, but I want to do more with it.  I hope to use the tips I get here to improve my personal blog, but also the blog at work too.  I just want to do better. 

Genres: Teen Fiction


Wicked Readings By Tawania

About: I love to read, I belong to a bunch of review blogs and I got tired of just leaving comments, not seeing books that I like being reviewed. So, I decided to start my own blog, so that I could review the books I liked, voice my own opinions, and run promotions and contest for all my wonderful author friends that I have met.

Genres: Paranormal, urban fantasy, Erotic, and romantic suspense



Jen D. said...

Congrats and good luck to all the finalists!

Missie said...

Congratulations to all the finalist! I'm so happy for everyone!

Thanks for your awesome support to new bloggers Parajunkee! You rock my world! :D

MissHavoc said...

Good luck everyone!

Jessilyn said...

good Luck ;)

bookaholic said...

Good luck all!

The Book Pimp Blogs said...

OMG!!! I'm one of the finalists! This rocks and I am beyond honored to have even made it this far. Thank you for choosing me!

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Congrats to all the finalists! Thanks for doing the contest parajunkee - it's good to have a bloggy mentor ;)

tara_tastic said...

addicted to heroines is a good read that usually inspires me to pick up the book... so its got my vote!

ms bookjunkie said...

I'll cast my vote for The Book Pimp Blogs…

Lily Child said...

Congrats to all the finalists! There are some great bloggers on that list! :)

Tawania said...

Congrats to all the finalist! I'm humbled and amazed to be on the list. Thanks, Parajunkee for holding such an awesome contest!

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