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When Good Wishes Go Bad by Mindy Klasky

When Good Wishes Go BadWhen Good Wishes Go Bad by Mindy Klasky
Provided by for review.

PJVs QUICKIE POV: I really enjoyed Klasky's Jane Madsen series, that's why I was so disappointed with this one. In the Jane series there are quirky characters, a very empathetic main character and hot manness popping up here and there. What can you not love about it? This Wish Series, not so much. The main character well was just flat, the genie who was supposed to be the quirky one...just odd, the love interest, just not so hot...and the plot was uninteresting. I heard the first Wish book was not so great, and this one was better...well don't even send the first one my way, because this one was not good.

REVIEW: Rebecca Morris' world comes crashing down before her eyes in one day, all courtesy of her boyfriend, a man whom she thought she loved.  Her boyfriend has moved to Russia, along with her entire life savings and 3.5 million dollars of the theater companies money that they both worked for. And on top of that, the play that was going to make waves and bring in the crowds...well it is in litigation for copyright problems. What a day.

Things change though when she is handed a lamp...a lamp with a genie in it that will now give her four wishes. So what does she wish for, well what else but a paid for Manhattan condo - and a new wardrobe.  Things get complicated though as she comes face to face with her neighbor who just happens to be a playwright that had ambushed her this morning. Quite akward, but incredibly cute, Becca has to come to grips with her attraction for him as she believes his play is the next big thing.

So what would you wish for if you had four wishes? Anything you want but world peace or a cure for cancer, etc.? I don't think I would have wished for a Manhattan condo, no matter how swank. I just couldn't relate to this character...she just made decisions that I was like, huh? Not to mention the whole search for a play, actors, finances, etc., was very boring and didn't go anywhere.

I think if Becca would have just slept with the genie it might have been more interesting.

RECOMMENDATIONS: People that like chick lit might enjoy this...


Anonymous said...

HAHA! When you said the part about it being more interesting if she'd just slept with the genie, that just made me snort tea all over my keyboard!

I downloaded this from Net Galley, but, err, I'll DEFINITELY be giving it a skip now, lol! It sounds absolutely ridiculous. Especially the wishing part, yeah, if someone gave me 4 wishes I'd wish for a Manhattan condo and a new wardrobe ... hmmm ... that's just stupid. Why didn't she just ask for a bank account with a bazillion dollars, then she could have bought as many Manhattan condos as she pleased.

Juju at Tales of said...

I feel ya ;) Great review :)

Lily Child said...

Wowzers! 1/5? I'll definitely be skipping this one! I am proud of you for finishing it! It's hard to finish a book you don't enjoy!

Patti said...

Hmmm...see, I'm not much for the genie storyline so I'll be skipping this one but I am interested in this authors other series that you mentioned.

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