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Movie Trailer Tuesday - Jonah Hex

Our Movie Trailer this week is a wee bit steampunk and a lot of Western...and there is a few paranormal elements in it. I'm not a big fan of Meghan Fox, absolutely gorgeous of course, but her acting skills are much to be desired. Still on the fence of whether this will be a big screen viewing or a wait for Netflix viewing. What do you think?

Jonah Fox - releases June 18,  2010

Based on the DC comic of the same name, Jonah Hex is a western kind of antihero. Think Punisher meets Clint Eastwood. The movie makes him out to be some paranormal being with superhero powers, but from what I can tell he was just a vigilante in the comics.  I can already tell the movie differs a lot from the comics, because from what I can remember Hex's scar was given to him by an Native American tribe, not a terrorist bent on world destruction....


Angie said...

The best part of the trailer were those cool steampunk guns. I think Josh Brolin will do it justice even though I think I'll wait for the dvd. Thanks for posting--

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