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Necking by Chris Salvatore

Necking: A Novel by Chris Salvatore
Review copy provided by Simon & Schuster

PJVs QUICKIE POV:  My excitement level was pretty high regarding this novel. Grr...look at those nails! Because of my elevated excitement can you feel the disappointment radiating off of this review? The novel tried to be Carrie Bradshaw meets Betsy Vampire Queen, but in the end it just turned out to be dry and had about as much bite as a neutered Pekineses.

REVIEW: The tag line says it all, Dating a Vampire is going to be the death of her. Well you know she ends up dating him, and you know in the end she ends up dead, I guess the question is dead or undead?

Giovanna is a New York publicist who specializes in a unique type of clientele. Vampires, werewolves, even a few aliens.  She think she has it all figured out until she finds herself ridiculously attracted to one of her clients managers, who happens to be of the undead variety.

Throughout the pages of the novel, Gia battles the attraction to Johnny, investigates her clients dark past for her and handles up more mundane publicist problems - like an assistant that calls in sick constantly.  All in all it is a rather droll account of a woman's slow progression from lust to love (which 40% of it happened before the accounts of the book) and then the usual question any mortal has to ask themselves when dating a vampire - will undead look good on me?

While it did keep me entertained, it really was a nothing-new account of a mortal's dealings with the undead.  I really thought the book would be unique, especially when I read the back cover about aliens and fun clients that she has to figure how to get through metal detectors and such...but those tid-bits were really one-liners and there was really no details.  Even the drama that was supposed to happen - Gia's dealings with the undead bogey man of epic caliber (you know the vampire that hunts werewolves for sport) well that one ended rather quickly and left me unsatisfied.

Then moving on to the sexiness, this book cover screams sexy PNR, well there is some sex, but it is half described and hinted at. There is a lot of teasing back and forth...but there isn't much of the actual deed. On a sexy rating, this one also fell a bit flat.

Then there was Gia, the main character.  She wasn't very believable, or likable.  Gia is hot, has the perfect job, smart, has so many friends and acquaintances she knows everyone in New York. Everyone likes her, except of course Johnny's ex-girlfriend (cause she's jealous - but that's ok she is now an undead prostitute skank), she even wins over the mute super-old leader of the group who hasn't liked like anyone for like a 1,000 years. Just rather unbelievable and she came off as shallow and full of herself, but everyone liked her. Come on, everyone has some flaws and I really don't want to read about perfect people.

In essence, while I read it to the conclusion and felt it had potential, in essence I was left dissatisfied and disappointed.  It had me thinking of that Lily Allen Song, Not Fair. All the building blocks were there... just didn't make me scream.

There's just one thing that's getting in the way
When we go up to bed, you're just no good, it's such a shame

Oh wait and speaking of Epilogues! Ridiculous, there was no reason for that epilogue which went into minute details that really were unnecessary. I guess if I would have cared about Johnny and Gia it would have been fun and exciting to read. I guess.

RECOMMENDATIONS: For PNR lovers, but don't expect the usual nookieness. Fans of the Betsy Vampire Queen series, Katie MacAlister books might enjoy. Rated R, they do engage in sex, just not explicit.


Mandi said...

I just read this one too..while I liked the light feel of this book, by the end..I was a bit disappointed. I did like the angst between the h/h. The build-up of the villain was a total let down for me.

Nice review!

Lily Child said...

Hahaha! I love the review and the song! :P

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