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Eclipse - The Non-Biased Movie Review

I'm such a liar....

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Movie Review)

I really don't think I could give a non-biased review. But really what is that? There are fans of the series (the book readers). Fans of the series (movie goers only). And then the non fans... ;)

I did not see the 3D version...think I've had enough of those. 

PJVs QUICKIE POV: While I like the movies, I've never been impressed with them. They were good representations of the books and they didn't disappoint but I wasn't WOWed. The books so outrocked the movies, which is usually the case. I've never met a movie that outdid it's book counterpart. That being said, Eclipse had to be the best of the three movies. I was finally impressed. My first statement to my fellow movie watchers was, "Our little babies have grown up and gotten acting lessons!" All the slight kinks an inadequacies that were too prevalent in Twilight & New Moon seemed to be happily iron out in Eclipse.

REVIEW: The movie covers most of what the book sets-up. Edward's constant persistence of marriage, Jacob's cold shoulder (they showed the note with all the scratch outs), the deaths in Seattle, the protection of Bella by both the wolf pack and Cullen clan and then the subsequent show down and newborn war. There was a lot of ground to cover in this movie, including a lot of back stories, Rosalie, Jasper, the story of the Third Wife, but it was handle nicely, rather compact, but they had a lot of information to shove into 2+ hours.

Improvements that I noticed:
  • New Moon's make-up was horrible, and while Rosalie and Alice still looked a bit pasty, the boys make-up was much improved. In New Moon I felt the Cullens would flake away.
  • Kristen's blinking has come to an end! Yeah you go girl.
  • Both Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner's acting skills greatly improved. Not to mention Taylor's voice deepened so he doesn't sound like the prepubescent kid on steroids anymore.

What I really liked about the movie:
  • Jasper's sexy little twang. Yum!
  • Billy Burk (Charlie) has always been solid in the films and he was excellent as usual in this one
  • The mountain scene (Jacob's trick) was hot and probably my favorite scene
  • The proposal was sweet
  • THE WAR! Egads crunch crunch. Die Victoria!

What disappointed me:
  • Bella's anger was missing, she was always getting angry in Eclipse. The "first kiss" between her and Jacob was almost a rape, and they kinda of downplayed that. Bella would get mad about that, then she was mad about the bed...and it would go on and on....that was missing. The focused on the Jacob/Edward hatred
  • Victoria. I miss the other one. Her hair was terrible too. Like a big permed rug.
  • And refresh my memory please, but I really don't remember Jessica being the valedictorian? But I could be wrong.

This is kind of it for me, which is a shame. Not really excited to see the two Breaking Dawn movies, even though I will. In all honesty I was not a huge fan of Breaking Dawn the book. Disappointed as I was in Meyer's easy out with the whole Jacob imprint thing.  It kind of ruined the whole book for me and I thought it was well just creepy. Not to mention I was never a big Jacob fan in the books. Which leads me to the question, how can you be TEAM EDWARD between the pages, and TEAM JACOB on screen?

So that is my take on the movie. I really do believe that you must have at least seen the first two movies to enjoy the third movie. Reading the book of course makes the experience that much more....

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse SoundtrackWhat has always impressed me, above and beyond, has been the music of the Twilight Series. I now have all three soundtracks, and I haven't found a song that I do not like on this one. There is good range of musical tones on this one...leaning towards Indie. I also like that I've been introduced to a few knew artists that I've never heard of. A great purchase if you are up in the air about spending the money. What I don't like about it... on iTunes there are only like 3 songs you can buy separately.  But, the whole album is great, so really not a big deal. I bought the delux edition.

What did you think of the movie? Link up your reviews:

The Twilight Saga Collection


Kate said...

How funny was it when Bella punched Jacob, they did that so perfectly I cracked up! It looked like she punched a really hard trampoline. hahah

Amy said...

I'm SO glad to hear that the acting has slightly improved. I am really looking forward to seeing it, even more so now.

I also love the soundtracks, btw.

OH and I am TOTALLY TEAM EDWARD in print and TEAM JACOB in film. Edward on film is creepy and not at all hot. So disappointing.

Paula said...

see I'm not a big fan of Jacob I think it was just someone created to have a past with Bella as a child. I still like Edward better and in both respects. Glad to see parts of it improved.

Lynette said...

Can't wait to see it. I'll be going this WE. I thought Eric was the valedictorian in Eclipse. I know it wasn't Jessica. Really, they made Jessice the valedictorian!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I have seen the others and haven't been impressed. There's not something that I can necessarily put my finer on, but the enjoyment that I had in reading the series has not been duplicated on screen. And, I am usually a fan of book-to-movies.

I agree that the soundtracks have been killer. At least something's right!

I'm going to try to go today, and I'll link back my review it I do.

Anonymous said...

I liked it but agree with you about Bella- she was angry and emotional mess in the book, she felt very stiff and unemotional...everything seems oh..whatever..pfff...what did you think of the kiss between her and Jacob they looked so uncomfortable.

Patti said...

Great review - are you going to add movie reviews to your resume :)

I'm hopefully going to see this tonight (cause juggling 7 peoples schedules to pick a movie time is a PITA). And yes, I'm Team Edward in the books and Team Jacob in the movie too.

I've been listening to Eclipse in my car and I just finished the graduation scene yesterday - Eric is the valedictorian.

Lisa said...

I agree with you, I think Eclipse is the best of the three movies. My friends and I went to see a triple showing and it was cool to see the progression. I have to say, Twilight was pretty darn cheesy. The cinematography certainly improved as well this time around. I still hate Jasper's hair, but at least they finally let the boy talk and he didn't look constipated anymore.

Jenny said...

LOL, I love what you said about being Team Edward in the book but Team Jacob on screen!! hehehe

Swimmer said...

I agree with every part of your review especially that the Cullen guys were sooo much hotter in this movie, and the Victoria in New Moon was the best out of all three

Team Edward all the way!!!

Enbrethiliel said...


A friend who was supposed to lend me her copy of the novel couldn't find it (and can't even remember if she loaned it to anyone else); and her way of making it up to me was letting me have her other complimentary ticket to the movie on opening day! Not that she owed me anything, of course, but it was nice of her. =) Now that I've seen the movie, though, I doubt I'll ever get around to reading the book . . .

Anyway, I hope to link up my own review next week.I'm no Twilight fan, however, and I'm even more biased in the other direction, so it won't be complimentary! =P

Bookaholic (Jessica) said...

LOL. I was Team Edward during the books 100%. I even skipped part of New Moon because of that! NOW I am totally Team Jacob. I even noticed a shift at the theaters. A LOT more people were Team Jacob this year and I rarely saw a Team Jacob shirt during Twilight. Crazy! :)

I will link up my review tomorrow.

Juju at Tales of said...

I SO agree on Charlie and that sexy Jasper twang. YUM!

I however disagree on Jacob and Bella's kiss being like a rape. I never got that impression.

Patti said...

In addition to my earlier comment, I also left you an award at my place:

Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

I felt just about the same way. I'm also not looking forward to any future movies in the series. I wasn't a big fan of the Breaking Dawn book and don't care to see it played out :/

Steph said...

I don't know why Bella would go off with Jacob after learning about imprinting ad the Sam-Emily-Leah triangle. Imprinting over rides all promises and vows. So if Bella were to have married Jacob and had the babies and then he imprints on whoever and takes off. Is Edward sitting in the nice house waiting?

Marie said...

I have to say, of the three movies out, this one was the best so far! They stayed as true to the book as they could (except the "Switzerland" part kind of annoyed me since they cut out what she said prior to that so it looked a little random). I LOVED Jasper's flashback scene and Rose's! The fight and the training scenes were amazing. And Seth? They picked the most adorable kid ever! I <3 Seth!

I loved the "Bella broke her hand. Punching me in the face." loved the look on Taylor's face when he said that lol!

Lorielle said...

I liked this movie better than the other two and it wasn't my favorite book... though I should have re-read the book prior to going to the movie. I think everyone did a great job. :)

NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

Great review! Still haven't seen this, but I'm excited to, because it sounds like they've done a good job with it. I was SO underwhelmed by New Moon.

I won't be seeing Breaking Dawn. I didn't like the book, and I think it'll be really hard for them to portray the Bella pregnancy and Renesemee as a baby onscreen in a way that's not horrifying or cheesy with the CG.

I agree, the soundtracks are awesome.

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