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Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld, Book 11)Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong
Review copy provided by publisher.

Release date July 27th, 2010

PJVs QUICKIE POV: More of a Who-Done-It Mystery than Armstrong's usual UF leaning towards, PNR, Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld, Book 11) covers everyone's favorite juvenile delinquent, Savannah Levine. Highly engaging, action packed and full of leather-clad, kick-butt snark, the latest addition to Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series will not disappoint her fans. There were a few tid bits that left me a bit frustrated, but overall it was a great read and in fact enjoyed it more than some of the later WOTO books.

REVIEW: Savannah Levine is all grown up and ready to take on her first solo case. She's been dying to take a stab at it, but Paige, Lucas and Adam have been holding her back. With Paige and Lucas on a much needed vacation and Adam participating in a conference, their absence just might land Savannah her first gig, courtesy of Jesse a friend of Lucas' and a fellow PI.

The case takes her to the depressed town of Columbus, Washington, investigating the death of three women, shot to death and displayed in what would seem like a ritualistic murder.  Savannah's goal: find the killer. Things get a bit trickier though as more dead bodies start showing up and the prime suspect and his wife try to intimidate her through brute force and a little surprise magic of their own.

Following in the 10th installments footsteps {Frostbitten} Waking the Witch is all mystery and very little romance like most of Armstrong's other Otherworld novels tend to be. There is some hinting at a bit of romance, but in the end this is a mystery and you are there to follow Savannah as she solves her first case, not fall in love.

Hard-hitting and snarky, Savannah as a character did deliver with her prickly personality and reckless behavior. Yet, overall there was a bit of disappointment with her, some of which might hold a spoiler or two, so I will try and keep it light. For one, Savannah has always been an enigma to me, the product of some really sketchy parents and then the unlikely victim in a few instances, I do believe Savannah should be a little more twisted than how she is turning out. MHO. Yes, she doesn't obey all the rules, but I think I would believe a little emotional fallout with her, than what happens in Waking the Witch. I know Armstrong is capable of this, because of what she put Elena through (Bitten, Stolen...) in the beginning of the series. WW just seemed a little shallow, Savannah a lot more well-rounded than I would think possible. Secondly, the rehashing of the nemesis. I'll just say, that a new one might have been better played. And lastly, I feel the book was a bit drawn out and then it left you with a cliffhanger so-to-speak. It just seem forced and then the last minute HELLO to make you die to read the next book. I'm not saying I didn't like this book, I did. I went through it was fast-paced and intriguing, there were just a few bits and pieces that I found gave the book a shallow feel when Armstrong can be so, well robust.  Fans should enjoy this - and I know a lot of people say they don't enjoy the ones that have Paige and Lucas in them...well have no fear, they only show up in a few phone calls.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended that you read a few of the Otherworld series before you read Waking the Witch (Women of the Otherworld, Book 11).  You don't have to read all of them though. Some are relevant, such as: Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld, Book 4), Haunted (Women of the Otherworld, Book 5).


brizmus said...

just read the quickie pov, as I haven't read any of the other books yet. Just got the first one on my kindle, though, and now I'm excited! Sounds like it could be good!

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Thanks for the great review Rach, I love how objective you are! :-) I LOVE the WoTO series, but even as a die hard fan I admit that in the 11 books there were a few novels which weren't really up to the level KA set (I wasn't that impressed with Broken). Nonetheless, I can't wait to read Waking the Witch, but you know what I just saw on the Book Depo's website? That the planned release date for WtW is summer 2011?! WTF?! I don't understand..

John Smith said...

Great review. But I'm not too sure of getting this book. Maybe later

Lily Child said...

I really need to read this series! Fab review! :)

hotcha12 said...


Beth ( said...

I read this between my fingers, with my hands over my face, as I was afraid of spoilers lol.

Great review! I'm very much looking forward to this one. I must admit, I'm very curious as to how Savannah comes across in this book.

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

Since I love her YA I should read these! Thanks for the review!

Teens Read and Write

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I did enjoy this book. I found it nice to jump into the series here, as I have not read any of the series...yet. ;) I will be working on correcting that little situation though.

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