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Lazy Lagniappe Literature Links...WTH???

Hello my darlings! I'm feeling lazy this evening, feel rather lazy and I would love to enter some contests. I know you have them, and I know you want to promote them, so we all win now don't we?

Thus, is the stupidity of the evening for me - my Lazy Lagniappe Literature Links. Flexing my alliteration and embracing my NOLA roots as I watch the Saints give a beat down to the sardonic Chargers.

Soooo...put up your Contests. Books or book related only please. No matter how many times I write this there is always that one person *shakes finger* that doesn't read, and still puts up their Spanx giveaway. Doesn't really matter, I'm not going to delete it or anything, but I will roll my eyes a bit. XOXO I'll be stalking your blog later.

OOOH - and to make this an even LAZIER giveaway. Please put the genre of the book behind it. So, us genre snobs can know who's blog we head directly to! Oh and link directly to the giveaway, not your blog. We lazy right??

i.e. Mockingjay Giveaway {Dystopian, YA}


Anonymous said...

Hahaha this is a great idea..I am way to lazy to go looking for contests so thanks!

Lu said...

Thanks so much for doing this :D

Anonymous said...

LOL - put the genre of my blog, sorry :) Anyhoo - everyone knows Mockingjay is Dystopian! :P

Jennifer (An Abundance of Books) said...

I saw "Lagniappe" in the title and thought "Southerner"! Specifically, NO, which it turns out you are! I've never see anybody outside of the south use that term.

Great idea, thanks for doing this!

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