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Book Buzz: Forever Cover Revealed

I saw on Scholastic's Blog that Maggie Stiefvater's cover for FOREVER has been released. So...just had to repost. Ms. Stiefvater is also hosting a contest for fun swag, signed copies of Shiver & Linger, t-shirts, bookmarks....the list goes on, so run on over to her live-journal blog.

What do you think of the cover? Very Similar to the other covers, same illustrator, {Christopher Stengel}. I think Shiver will always be my favorite cover but this one is nice. Maybe Maggie should have named it something with an "i" in it to keep the effect ;)

So..the whoo hoo part. Forever  is now available for pre-order purchase (link on Ms. Stiefvater's sight for a signed version). LINK LINK LINK. And if you are holding out because you think you might get an ARC. Not for this one.


24/7 said...

I agree, she SHOULD have chosen a title that had an 'i' in it. It would have soo worked! I love the red on the color this time!

Juju at Tales of said...

Oooo I love it!

Nely said...

I love that they've kept the similar looks going on all three books with Maggie's artwork being showcased. I also love the colors that they've chosen for all three books. I can't wait for it to look all beautymous on my bookcase! It's really all about me! lol :D

Tina (Book Couture) said...

EEeeeeeeeeeee! I'm so thrilled! Thank you, Parajunkee!!

I agree, the title should have been something like "Eternity" to keep the blood-droplet over "i" effect going.

Googie said...

I LOVE IT!!! All three work perfectly together!!

Autumn said...

I'm thinking that if it has red ink for the text, like the other books had blue and green, it's gonna be hard to read. Hopefully, it'll be more like that brown color.

Mad Scientist said...

I thought Shiver was just ok but I still think it is the best cover.

I wonder how the red ink will read.

Mad Scientist

Lily Child said...

Just gorgeous! It goes with the rest of the series quite nicely! :)

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