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Gambit by Kim Knox

Adults Only

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Carina Press

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Gambit by Kim Knox

PJVs QUICKIE POV: I never know what to expect with these sexy scifi numbers - I guess it is pretty much like the genre in general. Some just overwhelm you with world building, different languages, alien races etc., until your head is spinning and you are trying to distinguish a Romulan from a Shinon Companion.  Gambit was a bit on the over-whelming side - Knox sort of plunges you in feet first, but once you regain your footing the story was highly imaginative, very sexy and an enjoyable read. It was rather like a naughty Firefly just with a bit more genetic manipulation, some Dune references and a bit of Star Trek flavoring to round it out  nicely.

REVIEW: Captain Chae Beyon, has fought tooth and nail for her place in a not-so-nice world. A pilot and a hustler, Chae will practically do anything for a big pay-out. She’s Ladaian by birth, but she really has nothing to do with her people and doesn’t know anything about their when she is approached by Daned Traern, first-caste Ladaian - all she sees is a VERY pretty face, among other things.

The Job: Transport Daned to the home planet in time for their families candidate to get crowned. If the right family isn’t crowned they will all become mindless killing machines called The Host. In order to disguise Daned he will assume the roll of her sex-toy - bought flesh. Tied to her with living gold, technology designed to erotically stimulate both parties, the one wearing the gold bound to do the “masters” bidding, Daned is overwhelmingly drawn to Chae. They both think it is only the liquid gold - but on releasing him, they discover it is much deeper. In the midst of being shot at, chased down, crashed and betrayed Chae and Daned must deal with their deepening attraction and what it means to not only themselves, but also their entire race.

A fast paced and imaginative romp through deep space, Gambit entertains and stimulates readers. Character development is excellent and while the world-building might be a little over-the-top in the end puzzle pieces did begin to fall into place nicely. I did think I had it all figured out in the beginning but was nicely surprised in the end. The love connection between Daned and Chae was also very pleasant. Both characters started out as extremely focused on their current tasks, fell into lust - and grew from there. They made rational decisions that I could identify with and I was really hoping for the fairy-tale-ending throughout the whole story. It was nicely done. My only dislike about the novel is that I’m never a fan of “fated” love - the perfect mate/match/genetic pair etc., I find that it loses choice. But...and a big but here. Knox did weave a big choice back into the story-line that did kind of kind more credence to the love connection.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, there are a ton of sexual themes in this one. Science Fiction Romance fans should enjoy, but the heavy sexual references might turn off the more conservative reader.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty picky when it comes to scifi. I'll admit I need romance mixed in and this sounds along the lines of what I like. This is on NetGalley and I've gone back and forth on if I want to review it. Thanks for helping to clear up some things for me :-)

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

J.A. Saare said...

Sounds good. Sci-fi + smexiness. ;)

yllektra (force-oblique) said...

Oh whee you just said the magic work!
If it reminds even remotely of Firefly, I am so there!
Thanks for this review and rec!

Missie said...

You got me at Adults only.. LOL! I'm just not sure I can get into SciFi. I've tried and failed.

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