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Serengeti Heat: A Sexy Shifter Story By Vivi Andrews

Serengeti Heat: A Sexy Shifter Story
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Samhain Publishing

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Serengeti Heat: A Sexy Shifter Story
By Vivi Andrews

PJVs QUICKIE POV: So, because of my new love affair with  Kinsey W. Holley I had to check out another Sexy Shifterness and downloaded Serengeti Heat . Andrews, with Serengeti Heat reminded me that not just the Canidae family can be in possession of hot Alphas.

REVIEW: Ava Minor is the runt of the pride. The smallest, the slowest and the oddest looking {in her lion form} she really has no hope to get a man, or to have cubs of her own. On a mission to "get some" even if it is from a human in a random pick-up bar, Ava saunters into the local dive and sidles up to the best looking cowboy in the place. Her mission is just about accomplished when she senses her Alpha standing right behind her..."oops."

Resigned to being forced back to the ranch and lorded over by her four over-protective brothers - Ava would never expect that Alpha Landon would actually be hot for her and they would end up hooking up in her driveway. But as she begins to realize that it is probably just because she is in heat her fantasies about hooking the Alpha deteriorate. Well, at least she can have him for one night. That should be enough, right?

Short and entertaining,  Serengeti Heat was another great bit of PNR to come out of Samhain Publishing. The characters were charming and the setting was interesting. I definitely look forward to reading more from Vivi Andrews. My only negative regarding the book was that it wrapped up too nicely, but this is probably because of the word limit Samhain gives to these anthology novellas. I really expected a bit of back-lash from a few of the not-so-nice characters. "Meow" cat fight. Oh well.

This is short read, and a very cheap listing, on for $2.80 here. I love a good book deal!

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, a lot of happy coupling. PNR fans, shifter fans should enjoy. This is a bit heavy on the PNR side, with some sexy shifterness.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like another entertaining one from Samhain. It's usually their warnings on the books that get me. Another great, to the point review.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Emily said...

I just read this book too, actually, and while it wasn't the most awesome book ever it definitely was fun. I'm wondering if the low price tag on these titles actually adds to their enjoyment- I've noticed that even if there's a book that was so so for me, I tend to rate it higher than if it was a more expensive book. Hmmm...

Mad Scientist said...

Hello, I am brand new to the book blog-o-sphere. It is a great place here.

It sounds like that was a good fun quick read. :)

I'm a new follower.

Mad Scientist

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