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Primal Hunger: Pendragon Gargoyles, Book 1 by Sydney Somers

Adults Only
Primal Hunger

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Samhain Publishing

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Primal Hunger: Pendragon Gargoyles by Sydney Somers

PJVs QUICKIE POV: I seem to be hungry as of late. {har har Primal Hunger get it???} For some reason my schedule has left me hiding under the covers with my kindle. Hence, all of the ebooks. Or was it my over-indulgence in YA? Had to jump out of the teenie-bopper realm and get me some down and dirty adult PNR. Whatever it is, I have fallen in love with Samhain Publishing and all of their paranormal picks. Primal Hunger is my latest conquest and it has me eager to read more of Somers' writings. An interesting concept, Somers pairs Arthurian legend with shape-shifters and gargoyles, didn't know this would make for smoking hot read...but isn't that what makes for great fiction?

REVIEW: Kennedy, the hot bartender from Pendragon's with a sharp tongue and a penchant for trouble-making, has found herself in a situation. She's been hot for the co-owner for like forever, but he can barely stand her. So, when her car breaks down outside the club and he pulls up to assist her, she's not exactly wanting to be alone with him in fear that her hots for him might become evident.

Tristan is the object of Kennedy's desires, but he is also a gargoyle shape-shifter and immortal to boot. He has been on a mission for a long time, to save his brother. He has no time for women, especially women like Kennedy. Why he stops he doesn't know - but instinct takes over and Kennedy is getting in his car - and then all hell breaks loose.

Shot with a tranquilizer Kennedy has to save Tristan as they go on a break-neck run to save both of their lives. Doped up, with all inhibitions gone, Tristan finally lets his cat out of the bag and begins to seduce Kennedy - not like it was very hard. From that moment on, Kennedy's life will never be the same, hanging with immortals is not exactly good for a girl's livelihood.

I really liked the concept of this book, I'm a sucker for Arthurian legend, even though it was just lightly touched upon. The book really didn't do much to explain a correlation between gargoyle cat shifters and the Knights of the Round table. But, this book actually did little explaining, because it really was more erotica than paranormal romance. So - Primal Hunger was smoking hot and a delectable kitty pounces unsuspecting human book, but again I would have liked to see more plot expansion. I feel I'm being critical though, because with the length of this novel and the story-line I believe it achieved what it set out to do - entertain and titillate.

This is longer than the small little novellas Samhain has out, but not a full length. Another very cheap listing, on for $3.50 here. I love a good book deal!

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, this is an erotica novel. Fans of shifters should enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I too am in love with Samhain. <-- I'd even wear a shirt that said that. Not that anyone would get it but it would make me smile.

Another wonderful review. I've had this book on my TBR list for a while. I need to catch up on her Shadow Destroyers series before I move on to her other books.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

J.A. Saare said...

I read a lot of Samhain books. They hit the spot, don't break the bank, and there are a lot of fantastic authors to be found. :) Great review.

Mandi said...

I've read book 2 and 3 of this series and really enjoyed them. I need to go back and read this one!

Nice review

This comment has been removed by the author.

I haven't read this series or this author, but it sounds enticing. I'm a definite Samhain addict! Great review.

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