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Wicked Sexy by R. G. Alexander

Adults Only

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Samhain Publishing

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Wicked Sexy by R. G. Alexander

PJVs QUICKIE POV: Yowzers! The cover sold me on this one - and I haven't look back since. Interesting concept combined with sexy male leads, innocent, yet feisty female heroine and a murder mystery all play out in an intriguing and nail-bitingly sexy romp.

REVIEW: Callie has always been in need of a loving family and the Abbots have filled that need. Not actually being related they took her in as a friend when she was twelve and she has been like a little sister/daughter to all of them ever since. But, even though she is a part of the family she will never truly be one of the them - you see the Abbots are Magians, magic users and Callie is just a little human. She has always been jealous of the magical events that the Abbots get to attend, the parties, the celebrations, but she has always had to stay behind - because she is just human.

When Harrison approaches her to actually come to one of these events, pose as a Magian - so they can sniff out a murderer with her detective skills - Callie jumps at the chance. The thing about this particular event is that it is a "Find Your Match" kind of engagement and to keep ever eligible male Magian from sniffing up her skirt the Abbot brothers, Tyghe and Tucker are set on a little role-playing. They are intent on playing her "Matches" and maybe a little too well. Because of the crush that Callie has had on Tucker since forever and her deepening feelings for Tyghe, will Callie be able to end this unscathed?

This one kept me glued to the pixels from start to finish. The characters were excellent and the plot was thick. Even for a m/f/m novel the smut was not overwhelming and the plot moved along nicely.

Another short read, and a very cheap listing, on for $2.80 here. I love a good book deal!

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, this is a smut fest, erotica novel. Magic users, threesomes and a bit of murder and mayhem.


Anonymous said...

I have been looking at this one for a while now. I think I might check it out. Thanks.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I have skimmed this review because I have this one to read next....... And I just saw your last sentence, lmbo... and I am seriously sweating getting to this one!!! Hugs honey! Hope all is well!!!

Barbara said...

That is quite a cover and isn't such a bad cover to go to sleep with. I'll have to look into this book. A good smutfest wouldn't be too shabby right about now

Liviania said...

That is a striking cover.

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Ohhh! Sounds interesting I might have to check it out.

Trillian said...

Adding to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing.

Don't forget you can link your Steampunk reviews on this weeks Read My Review

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

OMG.... I finished it. I had to read it. I read it last night... and wrote a review and now I have to post it.... OMG... is all I can say. I want those brothers!!!! It is hot!!!!

Evanne said...

I'm going to have to add this to the virtual TRB stack. Thanks for the review and you commenters deserve a high five too. You all rock!

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