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Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

PJVs QUICKIE POV: I haven't read many books that I can classify as Young Adult Urban Fantasy - but this one is definitely in that category. Complete with a kick-butt heroine, a smoking hot and equally butt-kicking male counterpart, tons of action packed sequences, frustrating romance and a sinister evil force that is relentless - this one is robust and satisfying for young adults and adults alike.

REVIEW: Ellie is your typical spoiled 17 year old girl. Obsessed with getting her new car, the latest fashion accessories and hanging out with her friends. A few strange nightmares that happen night after night is nothing to be concerned with, it is probably stress.

What might be a concern, though is the absolutely gorgeous, but strange guy that seems to be stalking her.

Things get even more odd when Will finally approaches her and she comes face to face with what he says they are destined to hunt...a reaper. Now, in possession of unbelievable powers and memories that span thousands of years - Ellie goes from 17 year old girl to the reincarnated warrior that is the balance between good and evil and the End of Days that seems to be getting closer and closer.

With a fallen angel/demon intent on ending her existence and a mystery to solve, Ellie has to learn to balance her new life with her old - and resist the urge to jump her Guardian, the hotcake known as Will.

This book basically kicked butt. I can only compare it to an Adult Urban Fantasy series because there really isn't anything like it in the YA market that I know of. (If there is, please chime in and let me know, cause I want to read it)

A sword wielding, demon slaying, cocky, sexy and powerful heroine. A tattooed, older love interest. Very wicked dark forces. I loved it.

This book walked a fine line between Adult & YA which I think I liked.

What was very adult?
The action, violence, world-building and plot. Ellie battled monstrous creatures in pursuit of ending human life. They would rip apart their prey and drag their souls to Hell to further Lucifer's plots to start the End of Days.

What was YA?
The romance. Ellie and Will have a very YA romance. Root-beer float kisses and whispered love. Mature this romance a bit - and you would have yourself an Adult novel. I still don't know if I want that or not.

While reading I kept thinking this was Buffy meets Twilight. Buffy for all the fighting and the reincarnation plot and Twilight for the chaste romance, late night room visits and over-bearing guardian love-interest.

I can't wait to read the next novel WINGS OF THE WICKED which doesn't seem to have a release day. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Because of the fine line, I recommend this to mature young adults and adults alike. There is a lot of violence, gaping wounds and such, which is why the older audience.

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton
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Avery said...

I am glad that you like it! I haven't heard the greatest reviews about it, which is a bit of a bummer because I have been looking so forward to it, but your review gives me new hope!


Chapter Chicks said...

Wow this sounds really good! I have seen this for a while, but I haven't really read any of the reviews out there. But now that I've read yours I am DYING to get it! I can't wait till February! :)

Dazzling Mage said...

I love reading reviews about this book, it's like learning more and more about the awesomeness (I'll be honest, what hooked me is the cover and description. Now it's the famous root-beer float kisses).

Great review. =)

Paromantasy said...

Wow, this book sounds amazing. The fact that you feel that fine line between YA and an adult UF makes me want to read it even more! That is exactly what I love about the Vampire Academy series, and it is very hard to come by.

Great review!!
Evie @ Paromantasy

Alison said...

I just finished this one. I liked it a lot more than I expected. I don't really like angel books and it bugged me how Ellie didn't seem to take her situation as seriously as I would have (at least sometimes). But at the same time, I couldn't tear myself away from the book. it was all fascinating.

ChelseaW said...

Great review. Your thoughts have helped me decide that I definitely want to read this one!

Jamie said...

I totally agree with you about being a fine line between YA and Adult. Great review! I just reviewed this one too! I think I may have to just flat out buy a copy!

Emily said...

This one is in my NetGalley queue as well. Please tell me the dude does not sneak into her room to watch her sleep. Please! Otherwise I'm definitely excited to read it. :D

Em (Super Reader Girl) said...

Ah, NetGalley. I knew the ARCs weren't out yet! I think I really do need to get myself an e-reader!! Glad to hear you liked this one. :) I'm looking forward to it!

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