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Burning Darkness by Jamie Rush

Burning Darkness by Jaime Rush
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Burning Darkness by Jamie Rush

PJVs QUICKIE POV: I'm torn between this novel. On one hand I found it enjoyable, the romance and the interaction between the main characters were entertaining and managed to distract from the plot holes and illogical behaviors, but by the end of the novel the badly constructed plot became horribly evident. While I was still sucked in by the h/h it really did detract from the overall impact of the novel.

REVIEW: Fonda Raine is intent on revenge. Revenge on Eric Aruda in the form of murder. He killed the man she loved and destroyed her life. Nothing will stop her from killing him - nothing, except maybe she's losing her nerve just as she has him tied up and awaiting the death blow. And then this sick attraction she has begun feeling for him. Oh, and maybe the guy posing as an FBI agent that just busted through the door and is trying to kill both of them.

In a move that has her head spinning, Eric saves her from their attacker and together they make a mad dash to find out the truth of their pursuer and save themselves and their friends.

What threw me off about this novel.
It was a "chase" novel which became monotonous after a short while. It followed a pattern. Be chased, use their powers, get tired, sleep, make goo-goo eyes, try to sleep more, take a shower and shop for clothes. And it kept freakin' repeating. The oddest part was the clothes part. They shopped in fellow offsprings dead mother's closet, they shopped at a store, they shopped at Wal-Mart. It was just odd. Then they "tried" to sleep everywhere, in a car, at the Dad's house, at the half-brother's house, 3 or 4 different hotel rooms, including one sex themed motel. After like the second time I was just WTF? I think it was only a time period of 2 days and they just tried to sleep everywhere.

There were also a lot of cameo appearances with the other Offspring that were trapped in the Tomb. Could have done with all of that. There was really no relevance but to tie it to past novels and hint at future novels. It was almost as if those parts were forced in. "Write paragraph with Amy here."

What I liked about this novel.
The transition from enemies to lovers was explicable and actually believable. I liked how Rush wove the interaction between the two characters.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only, has some R rated themes. This is a paranormal romance novel, with sexual encounters and heavy violence.


Kelly aka yllektra(force-oblique) said...

They trie to sleep like multiple times a day?
I mean I can understand exhaustion but that does seem a bit...funny! lol
Thanks for the review!

ParaJunkee said...

@Kelly - Yeah...I lost track of the days and the nights because they were constantly changing clothes and sleeping. It was bizarre.

Dark Angel said...

Thanks for sharing!

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