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Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part I Quickie Review

I'm pretty sure my thoughts on this movie won't sway many people from going or not going. All have it in your head whether you will be seeing this movie in the theaters, right?

But here are my thoughts.

The movie was pretty faithful to the book, as most of the Harry Potter movies have been. The only errant plot thread that I noticed was in the odd dance scene between Harry and Hermione and the hinted romance. Between that and the Horcrux's torture of Ron I had the heebie jeebies. BTW wouldn't you say that particular scene (the one where the Horcrux tries to break down Ron and shows him bad Harry and Herminone) was a little Rated R? Put some clothes on Hermione and step away for HP! My goodness. Other than that, right on track.

All our little HP actors have gotten so grown, their acting is all spot on, but I'm pretty sure they are very into character by now. The guy that plays Ron (Rupert Grint) will never be able to play another part - he's like the Fonz. He is Ron Weasley for life.

My one big problem I had with the film was the cinematography. They employed the odd focusing, jumpy camera play and chaotic scenes that have been used before in movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and that crappy movie about the alien invasion in New York. I found myself squinting at the screen to try and focus on a scene. The whole movie was about chaos, from the make-up (the all just look haggard) to the thick accents (it was hard understanding them at times) and then to the camara shots. It did extenuate the feel of panic and chaos, but it played hell with my eyes. Yes, I did feel like I was on a ride, and I'm thankful I didn't see this baby in 3D I might have vomited. Probably what the Producer had in mind.

Likes of the movie include the overall creepiness, it was so well done. The scenery was amazing! I want to go to England now and check out those mountains and rocks and valleys, how fun. I loved how they employed the wizard world dress much better in this one. The ending point was perfect, just enough to make you need to watch the second one, but not so much of a cliffhanger to just murder you on the inside. The three brothers animation FREAKING ROCKED. And I could go on and on...but I won't cause I thought this would be a Quickie Review, but obviously it is not.

Go see the movie. But sneak in your snacks. Freaking rip off that is! 4.50 for a bottled water.



Aylee said...

I was annoyed with the shaky camera in some scenes as well. But other than that I thought it was really well done, very faithful to the book. I, too, loved The Three Brothers animation and the ministry scene. But I was disappointed that Harry never took back Mad-Eye Moody's eye from Umbridge's door!

Melissa Gill said...

I agree with your comments. It always bugs me when they throw in stuff that wasn't in the books. (Like the Weasley's house burning down in HBP). The dance scene didn't make sense to me. But the horcrux scene was pretty much what I expected, although pretty racy.

The cinemetography didn't bother me, but I don't know that much about that stuff. My mom said the same thing you did about the accents, but I didn't have a problem with it.

Anyway, I loved it enough to see it on Sat and Sunday. I'll probably try to catch it a few more times on the big screen. Can't wait for Part II.

ParaJunkee said...

Ah! I completely forgot about that! You're right, if they put it in the movie, why didn't they have him snatch it?

Jenni Elyse said...

I loved the scene that explained the Deathly Hallows too.

I laughed out loud at the dancing scene and thought it was cheesy. I was glad that racy scene wasn't worse than it was.

Overall, I thought the adaptation was awesome!

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

awesome rview!! I really liked this one and the animation was perfect! =D

Miranda said...

Thanks for the review, I will be one of the few that probably won't make it to the theater to see it. But I waited for all the others to come out on DVD so why mess with tradition eh? Glad to hear it stayed true to the book (pretty much) and I do look forward to watching it though not to having to work my poor little eyes to keep it in great review!

Cialina at said...

I'm not a huge Ron/Hermione fan so I was pretty excited to see a bit of Harry/Hermione action... but when I actually saw the horcrux scene, I was just: ick!

The three brothers animation was one of my favorite scenes!

This film is the best one yet. I'm so happy with how it turned out. Can't wait til July!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that kissing scene was so uncomfy watching with my kids!!! Ecckkkk!!!

Emily said...

The more I read about the movie, the more I feel the need to reread the books beforehand. I tore through Deathly Hallows so fast that I'm sure I've forgotten important stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part though! :D

Chrystal said...

It was dark and chaotic and I loved it. And yes that Harry/Hermione sceen = BLECH!

I think maybe I should have stopped and put more thought into my review of the movie... I kinda of just had a rambling time posting about... maybe I should go back and edit mine like I would a book review. LOL

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