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Guest Post: The Fabulous Jill Myles

Ever wonder what an author does all day around the time of a book release?? Well the fabulous Jill Myles, author of the Succubus Diaries quenches our curiosity...

A Day in the Life

I’ve been asked what it’s like to be an author waiting on book release. Are you excited for the upcoming book? Nervous? Busy? Bored? So I thought I’d take a minute and log what my normal day is like while I’m waiting for the release of MY FAIR SUCCUBI on December 28th.

6:00 AM – Wake up

6:01 AM – Check email and see if anyone is talking about my book.

6:05 AM – Check Book Rankings on

6:06 AM – Check for new reviews on Goodreads, look at my ranking on, check my book through PubAlley, WorldCat, BetterworldBooks, etc. Then start looking for the rankings on ebook versions. Then email all my published author friends with any exciting findings, or instead just email them with a “BOO NO ONE LIKES MY BOOK” sort of thing.

7:10 AM – Whoops! Guess I should get ready for that ‘day job’ thing. Throw on some makeup and a wrinkled sweater that passes the sniff test.

8:00 AM – The time I’m supposed to be at work.

8:35 AM – The time I actually get to work.

8:36 AM – Time for morning coffee! I check my author email as I head down for coffee, just in case the publicist wants to shower me with love and needs a response within FIVE MINUTES or something.

9:00 AM – I’m ready to start the day! This means…

9:01 AM – Check Book rankings on

9:02 AM – And

9:03 AM – And Book Depository

9:04 AM – And google my name to see if any new reviews have come up.

10:30 AM – Time for a break! You know what this means. I check my email, my sales ranks, Goodreads, etc.

11:30 AM – Time for lunch! I head out to the neighboring Barnes & Noble and count how many copies of my books they have on the shelves. I face out my books and those of my bestest buddies. I ask the clerk to look up my book, feigning to be an interested customer when I’m *really* interested in peeking at her screen and seeing how many copies of the next book are on order.

1:30 PM – Back from lunch and working hard.

3:30 PM – Oh god, longest afternoon ever! Why can I not be an ultra rich and famous author and not have a day job? To fuel this wish, I check my sales ranks again.

5:30 PM – Heading home. I stop by the grocery store that still has a copy of my second book hanging on the shelf. It’s still there. DAMN IT. I am depressed and head to the chocolate aisle, convinced that the sign of a weeping grown woman  stroking the cover of a romance book is probably not the image I want to send to my fans.

6:30 PM – I head home with lots of chocolate and that last f#^%ing book, since nobody else is buying it. I can’t leave it there by itself!

6:31 PM – Kiss the husband, pet the cats, and then start checking email, blogs, twitter, Goodreads, Salesrankxpress…

7:05 PM – Decide it’s time to start writing…right after I check my sales ranks ONE MORE TIME.

7:45 PM – Have written three words. They are all adjectives. Hm.

8:37 PM – Husband is getting pissed I am ignoring him to ‘fart around on the computer’. I proclaim that I am WORKING HARD DAMMIT and furtively close the browser window with ICanHasCheeseburger Videos pulled up.

9:07 PM  - Have come to ghastly awareness that books will not write themselves. Sigh. I turn off the internet to get my writing in for the evening.

10:45 PM – I manage 1000 words and get ready to turn off the laptop…

10:46 PM – …but end up checking SalesRankXpress, TitleZ, NovelRank,, Goodreads…

I guess, us as bloggers can kind of relate to that sort of behavior. I remember when I first started blogging and I kept on refreshing to see if I got a follower. I think I didn't stop doing that...ok I still do that every now and again ;)

Make Ms. Myles a happy author and check out her Succubus Series...they're pretty hot and not just those covers!

You can also find Ms. Myles around the WWW at her website, on twitter and on facebook.


Twimom227 said...

Thanks for the great post!

Jill - you know you can always find me talking about your books!

Only 2 weeks! WOOT!!

aobibliophile™ said...

hi Parajunkee! i love this guest post and gave it 5 stars! c",)

D.L. said...

One of the best Guest Posts I've read- really loved it. 8:37 was my favorite!

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Yay Jill Myles! I discovered your books some time ago and LOVE them. I cannot wait for the next one!!

However, your books have started a very crucial and heated debate... "Which hunk would you choose?" Me? I'd tell them to suck it up so I can have BOTH!

Missie said...

LOL, Ms. Myles! Check your sales again, I just got book one for my Kindle! So excited to read it. The book trailer is uber cute!

Corina B said...

Thank you so much for the Guest Post! I'd never heard of Jill Myles before, but after reading this I'm going to be downloading some of her books!

mountie9 said...

Nice post and Jill - I am looking forward to buying My Fair Succubi when it comes out on the 28th -- I am also buying a copy for my buddy who ever since I gave her the 1st two books in the set has been nagging me ever since about when the hell is that next book coming out -- poor girl is a teacher and cannot seem to look up simple things like that on the Internet ; ) ah well maybe she can help me with my grammer

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh I should be getting My Fair Succubi soon for review! YaY! Great guest post!

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

LOL Hilarious post! I still do that PJ!!!

Jill, your books have been on my radar for a while, i just need to buy them LOL


Chrizette @ All the days of said...

I love this guest post! Very funny! Thank you so much Jill and Rachel.

Celine said...

Haha, I can imagine that. I'll try to get one of your books, then you have one more review to read when you're lurking around again...

Patti (Book Addict) said...

Great post! Love your books and am looking forward to My Fair Succubi!

Jill Myles said...

Hi everyone! Man, I don't remember this post sounding so uh, my head. :)

(says the woman who just bought three copies of her own book at the grocery store because they looked lonely...)

Sheree said...

It's important that your books are not lonely.

Can't wait for "My Fair Succubus"!

Caroline (Bon Bons and Reveries) said...

one word- YUM!
those guys on the covers are sooooo take-my-breath-away hot! haha...I'm officially adding those books on my TBR list.
Great interview.

Suzanne said...

OMG. You have my life. I'm so sorry.

Eithne said...

Change "writing" for "cover art" and you have EXACTLY my day! rofl!



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