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Blood Promise by Richelle Mead - Review

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Element: Vampires
Series: Vampire Academy
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An emotional wreck after reading Shadow Kiss, I put down Vampire Academy #3 and left it down for a long time. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t read Blood Promise, no matter how much I needed to know what happened with Dmitri --- I couldn’t find out. It was bitter sweet. It has taken me one year to pick up this book. These books invoke that much of an emotional response. On a petty note, I was also kind of peeved that Richelle Mead had pushed back the release of Iron Crowned to release Spirit Bound. My little temper tantrum to say the least. So, I waited and now I’ve been sucked back into the series. Hello, Rose. Missed you.

Blood Promise picks up right where Shadow Kiss left off. Rose has left the academy, Lissa and her friends and is on a mission. Her mission is to hunt down Dmitri and stake the strigoi right out of him. She made a promise and she has to keep it, even if it means her own death.

Clues have led her to Russia and deeper, to Siberia, Dmitri’s homeland. It’s an enlightening experience as she soon discovers that she barely knows anything about her world…and her preconceived notions and misconceptions are way off track.

The discoveries Rose makes during Blood Promise had me really taking a second look at this series. She made a huge jump in this book and Mead kept me on my toes the entire time. It really had me thinking that the outcome might be very different than I had originally thought. Then like the dummy I am, I went and read the synopsis on goodreads of Spirit Bound. Well that ruined that. So don’t read the synopsis! I would go into details, but that would mean a lot of spoilers.

My initial trepidations for reading this were not false. I knew my emotional outcome would end up being a dislike for Dmitri…and now with his new strigoi face, not feeling the love any more, but I do feel the emotional turmoil that Rose must feel as she contemplates staking him. Unlike other readers, I haven’t latched on to a replacement for Dmitri. I think Rose might need to be single for a little bit. Find out who she is and not who she is +1. Highly recommended, but nobody ever follows my dating advice, right. Best way to get over someone? Replace them. I’m not buying it. I go for the eat lots of ice cream and get a massage by a hot, yet dumb man way of recouping, who is with me?
Nevermind. The book is good. Worth reading on. I need Spirit Bound, like right now.

For mature teen audiences, there are sexual references, violence and questionable moral actions.



Mariya said...

Just wait til you read the last two books! They were sooooo good!

Book Chick City said...

I loved this book - my favourite of the series.

Moonlight Gleam said...

I reallly really want to get this series! I have not yet had the chance to :( I know I know I suck :(.. lol Thank you for the review!!!

Sarah Allen said...

Hey, just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to just say that I really enjoy it. I love your take on things and honesty. Great stuff!

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

L. Blanchard said...

I like your blog. I clicked over from it to amazon to check out when Iron Crown is coming out because that is the Richelle Mead series I'm following and I was a little concerned to read that Kiyo is back. I cheered when she chucked him out of the house last book so I'm not sure what to think. Give me Dorian anyday.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Lol. Don't worry. No one takes my dating advice either, though I'm totally on your side! I've read Spirit Bound but have yet to pick up Last Sacrifice. I lent it to one of my friends first, and she still has it!

ParaJunkee said...

@Mariya - I really can’t wait. Will probably have to do them all on audio book though, because I can’t justify purchasing hard copies at the present moment. *Sigh* the life of a book blogger - we have it so bad ;)

@BCC - It really did surpass the earlier books.

@Moonlight Gleam - Read it!

@Sarah Allen - Well thank you for stopping by. I’ll be over in a sec!

@L. Blanchard - I think he is back...but not in a good way. He is like the ex that just won’t leave. Thank you BTW.

@Natalie - Ooh doesn’t that just drive you crazy when they don’t return the books in a timely fashion? I’m going to have to move Spirit Bound higher on my to buy list

Patti (Book Addict) said...

I love this series! Glad you enjoyed it (I can't belive you went and read the synopsis!!)

meggerfly said...

Great series!

Aislinn_C said...

Eek I let my daughter read this entire series after the lady at Barnes and Noble said it was fine for her age group....Now I am afraid if I read it I will find out exactly how bad a parent I am....

Nikki {@FAYA READS} said...

*SQUEE!!* i love this series, so sad it's ended now though... but never fear there is a spin off coming soon yay!!!

i was the exact same, i could not for the life of me read blood promise it's my least favourite one out of the series.

Anyway great review keep up the good work !!! =D

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Such an incredible series: it actually had me crying in Shadow Kiss! Blood Promise, just like you said, was bitter-sweet, but I love this series so much! And I so know what you mean: I totally didn't want to read it, to know more about Strigoi-Dimitri, but at the same time I really needed to! I think I'm a VA addict...
Great review!

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