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Kiss of Darkness by Loribelle Hunt

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Element: Werewolves, Vampires, Demons
Series: Unknown, but seems it could be.
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Don't let the low rating fool you on this book. It really is my personal problem, or preference. The book was very original, with an interesting plot and a sexy romance. The author had a very rich voice and she conveyed the underlying tension, fear and frustration of the novel well. I was very impressed. My lack of gusto though derives from the genre in general. I guess there is just so much you can do with a paranormal romance and I've kind of reached my limit of cookie cutter PNR. I need something new, exciting...something that makes me want to slap my momma! Unfortunately, while original in back story, this one had the a-typical male and female interplay that is so common in romance in general. This led to a good read, where I got into the mystery of the surrounding plot but skipped over the romance, which was integral to the story, since this is a romance.

Winter is a hybrid. She has joined her soul with that of a demon in hopes to become a better fighter, one that can fight the demon hoards that threaten her world. There is an uneasy alliance between the human hybrids and the non-human lupines and nightwalkers. Yet, as the hybrids come under attack in militaristic strikes that are uncharacteristic of the demons, the hybrids, and Winter as their new leader must throw all prejudices away and put her trust in beings that she has mistrusted for a century.

Marcus is the nightwalker Lord. He has ruled in apathetic boredom for years. His immortality wearing on him, until he finds Winter. He knows her as his mate the moment he sets eyes on her and is both disappointed and intrigued at the same time. Disappointed because he knows she will be hard to win over, so different from the giving and easily pliant nightwalker females, yet intrigued because she is so different than what he is used to.

The world that Hunt built was very original. She put the vampire and werewolf worlds into a new and interesting light. It was very richly woven and I could see a whole series of books spanning this world. There was a lot going on but she managed to keep everything together and flowing. 

The frustrating part came to play with the hero/heroine interplay. Marcus was your aggressive, controlling vampire that had his eyes set on Winter and wouldn't let go. Winter was a prickly, aggressive and independent woman that wouldn't be bowed by a controlling man - yet would melt as soon as he kissed her. It happens. A lot, in tons of paranormal romances. I would just like to see a new spin on things, or if the same thing, maybe in a new light? Am I asking too much? This is the reason I quickly tire of romance. At least with Urban Fantasy the whole focus is not the romance so it can work so many different ways.

Adults only, there are numerous sex scenes and violence. Recommend for fans of paranormal romance. If you enjoy books by Lora Leigh and Nalini Singh you might enjoy this one.

5/20 books



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