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Truth or Dare: The Paranormal Scavenger Hunt

You know you played it back in junior high. What was the craziest dare that you've participated in? Me? I actually ran down the street naked one time. That was embarrassing. But, how is this going to apply to an online scavenger hunt?

First off what is the prize?

$20 Gift Card to Books•A•Million

Ok, now what do we do to get this?

It's not going to be easy.

Everyday for two weeks there will be either a TRUTH or a DARE posted. The TRUTHs will be trivia questions about Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy or topics relating to the paranormal genres. 

The DAREs will be actions that YOU have to participate in. Like, you might have to take a picture of yourself with vampire teeth, or blog about your favorite werewolf.

EVERY DAY for two weeks there will be something new! For each TRUTH or DARE that you participate in your chances to win the $20 Gift Card increase.

Pay attention to the rules because if you do not do it right, your entry will be disqualified. 

TRUTHs or DAREs will be posted on this BLOG, or on the PJV Facebook Page and on Twitter. So, to increase your chances it is recommended to follow Parajunkee's View in the different mediums. Following is not required and the Facbook page is just a LIKE so you will not be showing me any of your personal information.

Subscribe to my RSS Parajunkee on Twitter Like on Facebook!

TRUTH or DAREs will be posted starting Monday (2/7/2011)
I will ship the gift card to anywhere you can use it. It is an actual gift card and not through email.

Card can be used at: BOOKS•A•MILLION, Bookland, Books&Co, and

Contest Deets & Restrictions
  • Gift Card will be shipped Internationally, but please check that there is one of the following stores near you (BOOKS•A•MILLION, Bookland, Books&Co, and ), or that booksamillion ships to your country.
  • Parajunkee's View is not responsible for lost gift card
  • The $20 Gift Card can not be exchanged for anything, it is what it is and that is it.
  • Gift Card can not be redeemed for cash
  • Following is not required, but participation is
  • Contest Ends Feb 20th, 2011
  • Parajunkee's View is in no way affiliated with BOOKS•A•MILLION, Bookland, Books&Co, and, I just happen to have bought a gift card from there one day and now I want to give it to YOU! 

Are ya'll excited???

Great...spread the word!!!


Cialina at said...

Oh this is a cute event! Good luck all.

Midnyte Reader said...

This sounds so fun! It's very clever too!

Khadija said...

Well, this is a friggin awesome idea! I can't wait! I'll post the button on my sidebar!

Redd said...

*grins* I luv a good dare which is why I get into all sorts of trouble...posted your button, a posting, and tweeted on it... XD I'm hoping it'll be tons of fun.

Kristin said...

Very cool idea! Posted your button and can't wait to participate!

Jessica (Firefly Book Loft) said...

How fun! Can't wait!

Riv Re said...

Awesome event! Can't wait!

ParaJunkee said...

Yeah thanks for the warm reception guys!

Chrystal said...

This looks fun! I'm going to post it on my sidebar to promote for you - though I am not sure how much I will be able to participate during this time. ENJOY!

Jennifer (An Abundance of Books) said...

This sounds fun (though I don't have high hopes for success).

Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like it's going to be fun!

Moonlight Gleam said...

AWESOME!! Thank you Rachel! This is a great idea!

Katie said...

this is great posting your button as soon as i'm done typing!!


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