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Truth or Dare: Thursday's Dare!!

And it continues.  The first Truth or Dare for Thursday. Participate in this event for the chance to win:

$20 Gift Card to Books•A•Million

Post about your favorite Book Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Who would you love to see step out of a book and into your living room? (Has to be from a paranormal since this is Paranormal Truth or Dare)

Complete the above task and post the link in the comments section of this blog to participate in the  TRUTH or DARE event. Give me some credit so I can better find it with a friendly @parajunkee


TRUTHs or DAREs will be posted on this BLOG, or on the PJV Facebook Page and on Twitter. So, to increase your chances it is recommended to follow Parajunkee's View in the different mediums. Following is not required and the Facbook page is just a LIKE so you will not be showing me any of your personal information.

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Contest Deets & Restrictions
  • Gift Card will be shipped Internationally, but please check that there is one of the following stores near you (BOOKS•A•MILLION, Bookland, Books&Co, and ), or that booksamillion ships to your country. Card can be used at: BOOKS•A•MILLION, Bookland, Books&Co, and
  •  Parajunkee's View is not responsible for lost gift card
  • The $20 Gift Card can not be exchanged for anything, it is what it is and that is it.
  • Gift Card can not be redeemed for cash
  • Following is not required, but participation is
  • Participation is by answering a TRUTH (trivia question) or participation in a DARE (action), you have only to participate in one to garner entry into the contest. The more you participate the more entries you receive. 
  • If you blogger profile, or facebook profile does not have an email address attached to it, pay attention to the WINNER post, because that is where the WINNER will be announced.
  • TRUTH or DAREs will be posted starting Monday (2/7/2011)
  • Contest Ends Feb 20th, 2011
  • Parajunkee's View is in no way affiliated with BOOKS•A•MILLION, Bookland, Books&Co, and, I just happen to have bought a gift card from there one day and now I want to give it to YOU! 

Are ya'll excited???

Great...spread the word!!


Mariya said...

Here's mine:

Katy said...

This was a tough one, I thought a lot about it and finally decided on Adam Hauptman.

Mariya said...

I know. I had it narrowed down to like of my swoon worthy guys..There were so many to choose from...Barrons, Adam, Bones, David, and Curran...there mite be more. So many hotties XD

Cade Crowley said...

I posted my answer here:

Dana Wright said...

I will post my answer at

Love the Truth or Dare Thursday!

JoyTTWorld said...

Here is my answer to your Dare, I couldn't pick just one, there are too many good guys to day dream about.

Love this Truth or Dare Thursday :o)

Anonymous said...

I would want a mix of Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle...from Twilight...

Coral Russell said...

Even though he's an a$$hole or has been up until Bullet - I would go with Richard Zeeman from LK Hamilton's Anita Blake series. I can just picture that dude in my head so clearly...

Meghan said...

I picked Lend from Paranormalcy by Kiersten White. My reason is here:

Hana K said...

I want Acheron from the Dark-Hunter series of Sherrilyn Kenyon.... I love love love him!!!!

Tracey said...

Just finished the Iron Fey series...Ash all the way...second choice...Hunter Niall from the Sweep series...both very yum!

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