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A desperately awaited title releases their trailer today. Soooo...looking forward to this baby! What do you think of the trailer. I really like the music.


Death isn't what Eden expected. Where the hell is her release? Her quiet ending? Not that Eden remembers the details of her final hours, but one thing is for sure--becoming a sider, trapped between life and death, was definitely not part of the plan...

For Eden, nothing seems to be coming easy. There's no way of telling  what will happen when her fingertips graze human skin. The power that builds inside her, Touch, strips away morals and logic.
Some people only feel a high; others are overcome by their darkest thoughts.

But honestly there's not much time for her to worry about her effect on mere mortals. She's got her own drama. Somehow, word's gotten around that her Touch can kill her own kind. With desperate siders already camping out on her doorstep, the last thing Eden needs is the rumor to spread. Especially since it's true...

A TOUCH MORTAL is the first of a planned trilogy.

And there were a few fun facts on Green Willows blog (quoting directly):

Trailer fun fact #1: The photos of the people were taken by Courtney Allison Moulton—the author of Angelfire.
Trailer fun fact #2: Among the models are Leah Clifford’s brother and book blogger Chelsea Swiggett, who loved A Touch Mortal so much that when she learned she and Leah live in the same town, she volunteered to play Kristen in the trailer!


JessiM said...

Wow. Fantastic trailer. The music, the words, the images...

I hadn't heard of this book, but I may have to look into it now. Thanks for sharing!

Jeffrey Beesler said...

This sounds exactly like what must be put on my To Be Read list at once.

linda2060 said...

Ohh! The guys are cute! Loved the trailer and this is definitely going on my TBR list.

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