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Guest Post & Giveaway: EJ Stevens - Let's meet Yuki!

A favorite author of mine has given Parajunkee's View access to some of the most unique characters in the Young Adult paranormal world, Yuki, Emma, Calvin and Simon from the Spirit Guide series (check out those covers below!).

E.J. Stevens is the author of  the haunting collection of dark poetry From the Shadows, the chilling  collection of paranormal poetry Shadows of Myth and Legend, and the  young adult paranormal Spirit Guide Series, including She Smells the Dead, Spirit Storm, and Legend of Witchtrot Road.

So you're all seniors at Wakefield High?

Yuki:  Not Simon.  He's totally ancient.  Right, Old Man?

Simon:  I am not old.  I'm mature.  Like a fine wine...I only get better with age.  *wink*

What are your plans for spring break?

Simon:  One word bikinis.

Emma: Ewww, Simon you are such a pig.  I'll be volunteering with the HSUS to protest the cruel practice of rattlesnake roundups.  Did you know that thousands of snakes are tortured and killed for entertainment every year?

Simon:  Bikinis.

Emma:  Ugh.  Go have your beach fantasy somewhere else.

Simon:  Who said I was going to the beach?

Emma:  Then where...?  Wait, I don't want to know. 

Calvin?  Yuki?

Calvin:  We're planning a trip to a spiritual retreat in the Arizona desert. 

Yuki:  Ahem, I haven't decided if I'm going to subject myself to this nightmare retreat.  I mean, I love Cal, but lots of sweaty people in the desert meditating and having vision quests?  Really not my scene.  I swore I'd never go to another one of these crazy shaman camps.  Plus, black is not a good color to be wearing in the desert sun and if I get a tan I'll lose all my goth street cred.  Yeah, maybe when Hell freezes over.

Calvin:  But think of the road trip.  Camping out under the stars...

Yuki:  Outdoors?  I think I'll stay home.

Simon:  Staying behind for a bit of alone time with a certain devastatingly handsome friend?  I knew you couldn't resist my charm.  It's animal magnetism, love.  Don't forget to bring your bikini...

Calvin:  Simon!

Yuki:  Wow, are they using pitchforks as ski poles?  Hell must be freezing!  I am absolutely definitely going on a road trip with Cal. 

Will that be difficult?  Are you likely to encounter spirits of the dead?

Yuki:  *sigh*  With my luck?  I can count on it.  So much for romantic time alone with Cal.

Cal:  It's okay.  We're going on vacation.  You can pretend they're not there for a few days.  I'm sure the spirits would understand.

Yuki:  Riiiiiiiight.  It is so easy to ignore smelling the dead.  Have you tried kicking back and eating s'mores while smelling some random smell like skunk butt or strawberry jam?  It's either gross, distracting, or both.

Simon:  *cough* Bikinis *cough*

Emma:  *rolls eyes*  Speaking of gross and distracting...

Cal:  *growls and glares at Simon*

So I take it the dead don't smell like...?

Yuki:  Rotting bodies?  No way. 

So what do the dead smell like?

Yuki:  Well, what I sense are smell impressions.

Emma:  The technical term for her gift is clairalience.

Yuki:  Emma looked it up.  She's the total queen of research.

Emma/Yuki:  *knuckle bump*

Yuki:  The dead leave behind a smell impression that reflects something about their life, or if they died tragically the smell may be a clue about the circumstances of their death.  The dead can smell like anything; vinegar, fresh cut grass, burning brownies, chlorine, motor really depends on the individual ghost.

Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule.  Enjoy your Spring Break!

Simon:  Oh, I will.

Emma:  If you drool on me, I swear I will kill you.

Yuki:  Oh no!  *groan*  Does anyone else smell that?

Cal:  Smell what?  Are you okay?

Yuki:  It smells like those really strong, pine scented, car air fresheners.  You know, the ones shaped like trees?  It is crazy strong.  You sure you can't smell that?

Emma:  Sorry hun, sounds like you've got another smelly friend.

Yuki:  Looks like I'll be staying close to home after all.

Cal:  Then I'll stay home too.  *reaching over to hold Yuki's hand*

Emma:  I could always do a letter writing campaign from home.  If you need me, I'll stay too.

Simon:  In bikinis?  Ouch!  What?

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Lisa said...

Very interesting interview and beautiful prize pack!

Kristina said...

Thanks, Love character interviews


marivicalcantara said...

hope that in the future, you can give prizes also for your foreign followers... like here in the Philippines...

great interview as always...

ComaCalm said...

If anyone recognises the girl on She Smells of the Dead they should check out The Morganville Vampire books. She's on one of them! xD

ParaJunkee said...

@Coma - It looks to be the UK edition of Ghost Town. Oddly fitting, since there will be a giveaway for a signed copy of Ghost Town later today on the PJV. I really like the model. I won a prize pack from EJ earlier and I wear my YUKI shirt all the time. Someone at work made fun of me, but she was just jealous.

Penny said...

Great interview, Love Yuki, Calvin, Emma and even Simon. Would love to win the prize as well. My email is

debbie said...

Wow, that is a generous prize. I would love to read the book.

Maria said...

Wow awesome giveaway! Count me in. Thank.

aLmYbNeNr said...

Please, please, PLEASE! I've been entering all of these Spirit Guide series giveaways and I haven't won one! I really, really want to win! Maybe this will be my turn, LOL!


mpyff said...

What gorgeous swag!! Great giveaway! I enjoyed the interview, I'm going to have to check out this series. Thanks for introducing it to me!


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theJeepDiva said...

I do not wish to enter the contest, just wanted to say that is AWESOME cover art. Very beautiful giveaway items!

Ricki said...

I am in love with these covers.

Soli said...

I love the covers too. The dialogue was hilarious!


E.J. Stevens said...

Thank you all for the fab cover feedback. We'll be unveiling the 'Legend of Witchtrot Road' cover very soon. The mock-ups that I have seen are incredibly dark and gorgeous.

Best of luck with the giveaway! :)

Paranormal Author E.J. Stevens
From the Shadows

tlynnetolles said...

Character interview was awesome. Can't wait for Witchtrot road. Thanks so much for sharing E.J. and bringing it to us Parajunkee View. Have a great week.
t dot lynne dot tolles at me dot com.

black rose reviews said...

great interview E.J.

Victoria said...

I agree with Lisa, this is a beautiful prize package. Fun character interview too. Thanks.


laceyinthesky said...

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Rain Maiden said...

EJ. Stevens is a new author for me, thats some prize pack!

Nightly Cafe said...

What a great interview! I absolutely loved it! I follow because I love the blog and I tweeted

I can't wait to read this series!


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Lisa - Bookworm Lisa said...

I loved She Smells the Dead and would love to read Sprit Storm. Great prize package!

I tweeted the contest.!/Bookworm_Lisa/status/47354021366861824

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joder said...

I'm intrigued by the sound of this book. I'd love to win this awesome prize pack.

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I love her covers :) I'd love a chance to read about these characters. Sounds like a good group. Count me in please.

joder said...

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OMG What lovely covers... and the tote is to die for. Great contest and Such a fun post.. Simon is too funny.

Please enter me~
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Enamored Soul said...

I would love to read Spirit Storm, especially to see things unfold between Yuki & Calvin.

Thank you guys for hosting this giveaway, and thank you to E.J. Stevens for providing such a generous and amazing prize pack!


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Tore said...

Please enter me in contest. I am a follower and email subscriber.

Katy said...

wow the prize pack is wonderful~ I still think the first title is so bizarre! thats what initially attracted me to the series tho lol

Vivien said...

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Fabulous contest!! Thanks again.

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Tabathia said...

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Lori @ Romancing the Darkside

Ivy said...

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Barbara E. said...

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Melissa (Books and Things) said...

What a great prize pack and fun interview!

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The interview was really interesting! I enjoyed seeing the different styles of everyone's spring break. Great giveaway!!!

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Fun post!

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meggerfly said...

Tis is a great giveaway! I've never heard of these books or this author.

meggerfly said...

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Anonymous said...

Great giveaway! Loved the character interview, and the books sound interesting. Going to spread the word.

Indigo said...

Great interview. Love these kind of interviews they let us in on the characters personalities. Wicked awesome giveaway as well. Thanks for the opportunity. (Hugs)Indigo

Minas said...

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Minas said...

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This looks like a great read!

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Paranormal Opinion said...

This is an awesome giveaway!! The books look great and I just love the covers!

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That interview was fun! And the giveaway is great! I could totally go for a replacement for my current tote bag.

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Thank you!

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

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Love character interviews, and I loved the first Spirit Guide!!

Jessica (Jessica's Vision)

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I seriously cannot wait to read this one. I totally love this genre and have been interested in this book since I saw it being given away over at Good luck to everyone!

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I'm dying to read this series. The swag with it is even better. Thanks for the giveaway

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Riv Re said...

That interview made me laugh, though I was a bit confused, having not read the book yet.
Enjoy the bakinis!
That prize pack looks awesome, thanks for the giveaway!

Liras said...

awesome giveaway and looks like a very interesting read

Jen said...

I have never read the Spirit Guide series but I have to say that I am now really interested. It is on in my TBR list. I really love the book covers. I am partial to black for some reason. My mom is always trying to get me to wear different :)


Jen said...

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Mindy fangedmom said...

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Jolene Allcock and Family said...

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