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The Paranormal Spring Break Ends with a...Giveaway!

Well slap yo mamma and grab your bikini, it's time to wrap up the Paranormal Spring Break with a bang. As you might have noticed from the author's answers in the book peeps, well we don't do crazy Spring Breaks. My idea of a good time on the beach is in the cabana with a beer and a book. Substitute beer for pina coloda or bloody mary depending on the hour.

So tell me what your best ever spring break was or the one you dreamed of always going on. Make it memorable, make it stand out and do it all in comments. If you go longer than what would nicely fit in a comment box, blog it or whatever, just make it public and leave the link. The best one will get their choice of BOOKS... you pick the package! I decide who wins.

Here is what you can get...

 The Adult Package...yum.
 American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout 
ARC -  Surrender the Dark by LA Banks
Under Wraps  - Hannah Jayne

 The Young Adult - Further Along in the Series Package
ARC - Mystify (Kimani Tru) - Artist Arthur

Young Adult - PJ might have paged through these a bit Package
Clarity by Kim Harrington
The Iron Witch (The Iron Witch Series) by Karen Mahoney

Contest Deets ONE WINNER:
Choice of one the above packages

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Comment to win...tell me about your best Spring Break Ever! Work it baby. This is a judged contest, not a random pick.

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Amber @ Awesomesauce said...

oh man, I was totally going to enter (which I guess I am) But I am so LAME.. I don't have a crazy spring break moment at all!! I had my son right as I graduated and well I was not allowed too much craziness before then. I have taken my kids to the zoo, to Chicago and to my families house. We have gone camping too.

Awesome Giveaway!!

Ramblings of a Part time Druid said...

I never did much on spring breaks cause we didnt have much money.. but my junior year of high school.. my friends and I all got Universal Studio's passes (they were buy a day get a year free) and we went everyday for the entire 2 weeks. We spent most of our time taking the microphone away from the tram driver and giving the entire speal.. which he loved cause he got to sit back and get paid to watch us do his job, and we loved it cause we totally loved hamming it up and getting people to laugh with us. ( we were all hardcore theatre people) It was probably some of the best times of my life.. We danced with all the worked from frankenstein to trash picker upers.. We just really enjoyed ourselves.. and I had a huge crush on Dracula.. so I was excited to go everyday.

Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

Khadija said...

Well I don't usually do much for spring break...i feel kinda lame right now but I don't have any great or funny story to tell. I usually use the time to cozy up and read like a maniac (or more of a maniac than usually) than watch oldies like Rosemary's Baby and Dracula and eat junk food. This year I used the time to catch up on my writing because it's been being neglected lately. I wrote a good hunk of story though so i'm pretty pleased :)

Victoria said...

I never went on Spring Break. Never had money for it growing up and now it just doesn't fit into work schedules.
I am a follower here and Twitter


AsianCocoa said...

My best Spring Break was going to Reno, NV with my boyfriend. We stayed at the Atlantis Resort/Casino for what was supposed to be 3 days but ended up staying 5 days because we got snowed in. We played in the snow and spent our time gambling (Texas Hold Em poker) and drinking, drinking, drinking lots of alcohol! We also managed to squeeze in a relaxing spa day complete with a couple's massage. Not the most exciting Spring Break but WE had a lot of fun! ;-)

mpyff said...

I never did much for Spring Break, either... I'll join in on the lameness. :) Truth be told - the way my college scheduled classes - we didn't even have official Spring Break -- I think the perfect getaway would be beach, books, and beverages during the day and dancing, drinks, and debauchery by night. :)


Truly Bookish said...

Never really did anything memorable for spring break when I was in high school or college, but we did get married in March and went to Mexico for our honeymoon, which just happened to be during the week of spring break. We were at an all-inclusive in Playa del Carmen. It was fantastic! Sun, sea, snorkeling, kayaking, sightseeing at ancient ruins and pyramids, spa days at the hotel plus anything we wanted to eat or drink. Best honeymoon/spring break ever!

Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Usually I never go anywhere for spring break (other than moping around at home and reading), but this spring break I actually got to go to NYC and DC! :D My favorite part was probably Madame Tussauds. I made a couple of new friends. Traded smarts with Einstein, played (and beat) Yao Ming, sang with Taylor Swift (even though I can't carry much of a tune... I can always pretend). The most melancholy part of the trip was the Holocaust Museum. It's just filled with so many depressing, sad, even scary and disgusting images of what happened in the 1940s. Some of it very graphic. But then I went to the gift shop and bought a book and got it signed by the author who was there that day. And of course, last but not least, you can't deny NYC it's fabulous food. If I were to go back, I would try every bit of classic New York food. Again. (Note: If you ever do go, be sure to lose around 10 pounds before so you can gain it back when you're there.)

Hope you had a great break!! :)

Stephanie said...

I never go anywhere for Spring Break, but I do remember three years ago on Spring Break week I read the entire Anita Blake series, it was up to book sixteen at that point. That was a fun week!

Book Nerds said...

I volunteered with Alternative Break Corps for Spring Breaks when I was in college. One year we went up to DC and volunteered in a place where families in some way affected with HIV/AIDS and had no where to go could stay. We played with the kids and did some painting. We took the kids ice skating & I can't skate! The little girl I was supposed to watch was skating circles around me. The next year I was a site leader and we went to a state park in Virginia. It was gorgeous out there, and we spent the time helping preserve nature.

I would love the last YA prize pack. I'm TweetyB99 at aol dot com

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

As a kid we would always go to Galveston, TX for Spring Break...the most memorable one was not for a good reason. My feet and shoulders got so sunburned that I swelled up and got green blisters and could no longer wear shoes or sleeved shirts. The last few days were absolutely miserable. I had to walk barefoot everywhere we went!

Now if I had my choice of how to spend a spring break and money was no object...I would take off work (which I haven't done in 3 years) pack up my hubby and kids and fly to Disney World. Stay in a suite at the best hotel in the park. Have passes to every theme park complete with flash passes to skip the lines and buy my girls any and everything they could possible want! Eat at all the fun places and with the name it before they get to old!

Time to get back to reality! Thank you!

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

I tweeted: WIN! Your Choice! A Lot of Books! hosted by @parajunkee & @Tynga #ParanormalSpringBreak #giveaway PLZ RT

Thank you!

Bethie said...

I really don't have a crazy spring break story. But my senior class trip was to Disney. Four girlfriends and I saved our money so we could go. We took the bus down to FLorida from NY with the other kids. It was a 21 hour bus trip. We were totally silly. I didn't sleep at all and the boys that did woke with a face full of make up and their nails polished. We spent five days just going through the parks. We had a blast. One night we tried to have a party in one of the guys motel rooms, and we all got busted in a bout 10 minutes flat. But we did have a great time. Everyone should do Disney with 50 other teens!

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Lexie@BookBug said...

My best spring break was when me and 7 of my roommates and friends from college piled into a suburban and drove from idaho to san francisco. But it was well worth it!! We went waterskiing, to Chinatown and the beach, saw Lake Tahoe, etc. I love that city!
Thanks for all the amazing giveaways! This was a fun "spring break" for me since I didn't get to go anywhere this year!
lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

Teril said...

I think this year may have been the best spring break ever. The husband when skiing and I got to spend three days roaming San Francisco on a photo/ book excursions that was amazing. Checking the weather often I was missing the rain and snow of home and enthralled by the city, the libraries, the bookstores, the mass transit and the amazing foods and photo opportunities that abounded on my single vacation. Now that i finished up my reads on the seven hour drive home I would love a stash ;)

terilhack at gmail dot com

Ivy said...

The best Spring Break ever was going to Disneyland with my friends. All my life, I went with my family, but going with my friends, it makes a difference. It's so much more fun!!


Tore said...

I never had spring breaks when I was younger. My parents could never afford it. And they never really did anything with us. I have lived a very shelter life. Please enter me in contest.

Lisa said...

My favorite spring break was in Mazatlan Mexico. I went down there with three friends and we had a week of fun, sun, margaritas and lots of eye candy.


The book girl said...

Oh, man. I have so many good Spring Break stories it's ridiculous! My favorite would probably have to be the time when I was 13 and I went to this summer girl's camp. I'm usually I very quiet person, but up there in the thin mountian air I was crazy! We did all these fun challanges-- sports, crafts, ect,-- in the daytime, but at night, me and my friends would do all this stupid stuff. One time we dared each other to jump into the lake beside the campgrounds without any clothes on. Needless to say, it did not end well-- I started screaming because I felt something brush against my leg and I woke the whole camp up! I woke sent home soon after:)

Vidisha said...

Best spring break....... Last spring break.....its snowed...all i did was play in snow thats all...

GFC follower

Sammie Spencer said...

Love this giveaway! My best spring break was the year I was 15. My best friend and I convinced my father to let me go with her and her older cousin (and husband) to Panama City for a tattoo convention! After checking out tons of amazing tattoos, we ended up hanging out at a friend's tattoo shop.

I soooo wanted this silver anklet they had, but of course, I was totally broke, being 15. As we were leaving, the owner of the shop gave me the anklet as a gift! We rode home in the back of the truck (in bumper to bumper traffic) with sunglasses and loud music. I thought I was such a bad ass. LOL

BLHmistress said...

I never went on Spring Break but I always wanted to go to Hedonism in Jamaica , that always seemed like so much fun. Lots of partying and music and how can you not resist the sandy beaches and hot guys.


sinn said...

Due to lack of money and work, we never really went anywhere over Spring Break. Also, with my father being a professor, he was usually stuck at home grading! A few years ago, my hubby and I decided to use my student loan money and go visit potential graduate universities. Spring Break seemed like a good time to do it (LoL, not the best to visit universities, but neither of us were thinking!). We called our friend up in Seattle and arranged to meet in NYC for Spring Break.

When we got there, we realized that we had unintentionally planned to be there over St. Patrick's Day! Getting amazing prices on Expedia, we stayed at a nice hotel a block away from Times Square! Our first night there, we went over to the Hard Rock, wandered around Virgin, and then played DDR in the multiple story Toys R Us!

The next day, we spent a lot of time wandering around watching the parade from different areas of the surrounding city. We then hopped on the subway and went over to Fordham to meet a prof, walked down to a local NYC pizza place, made them laugh with cheese sliding off the pizza, went back to our hotel, and ate corned beef and cabbage from a local pizza place :)

We drove up to Ithaca and ate at the Moosewood Restaurant! Then spent the rest of the week in NYC going to the Met, walking down Broadway, waiting in line for Ellis Island, etc.

When we flew out, my hubby and I ended up waiting in the airport for a 5+ hour layover! Our friend was back in Seattle and at home before we were even boarded in NYC!!!

It was an amazing trip!! It was the best Spring Break I've had!

BLHmistress said...

I tweeted!/BookLovershaway/status/53569600029331456

angelkisses31 said...

I would have a black clydesdale and his name would be Nightmare.

Capucine said...

Man this giveaway is amazing!!! Im so boring though!!! The only spring break that really stands in my mind is when I went skiing in France. Every spring break (before high school) i would go to france to ski with my family. That one year I was extremely daring and would jump off of every mobile I could see. The only thing I didnt anticipate was the hole at the base of one. My ski's got caught and it sent me flying into the air. My dad later told me that I did three flips in the air and landed on my head. All I remember is blood on snow and the pain of cream on my lips. Ever since then I can;t remember anything past a couple of years. My dad said that I lost my memory for two full hours and yet he still didnt bring me to the hospital. lets just say i havent gone on a single mobile sincce then and if i have, its been very slowly. :P

Orchid said...

This will sad really lame, but I'll tell y'all anyways. I've never really done anything for spring break, I'm usually zonked out with a bad case of spring allergies and not feeling up to anything more than reading and sleeping. See I told you it was lame, but I do manage to take a sizable chucnk out of my TBR. ^_^

The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

I really wish that I had a great story to share but I will share my favorite spring break and it wasn't even when I was a kid. My favorite spring break was with my kids. Being the only working adult in our house vacations are very limited so we decided to have a fun spring break at home. My husband and I planned a week of fun activties and things that were out of the ordinary. One day we went to the zoo using money from collecting pop cans at a local park where we spent the day prior cleaning up trash and giving back to our community. The day after the zoo we made crafts and cards and then went and spent the day visiting the elderly at a nursing home a good friend works at. We visited with those people who never have visitors and families have forgotten about. The last day was a free day for the kids to pick. Their choice was to build a space to have a garden in the summer. Now I know in most people's account this is not the ideal spring break but what it taught me is that I have raised great kids who are willing to give back!

Barbara E. said...

I always wanted to be with the cool kids and go to the Colorado River (I grew up in Southern California). That was always the in place to go on Spring Break, but I never got to go. A lot of people rent houseboats and go there or to Lake Powell, and I always thought that would be a fabulous way to spend Spring Break.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Shadow Girl said...

Spring Break huh?Okay, let me think...hmmm.....okay I do remember this one spring break where, I went to visit my sis(not biologically)and she lives in Moreno Valley.Okay I went over for the whole spring break and all we did was drink.Mind you we were only 15,16??
Any who we ended getting really messed up every day. So one night I woke up with the bed moving(more like squeaking)since we slept in the same bed I felt it rocking,and little did I know my sis was having sex with her bf.I tried to go to sleep but couldn't and was completely traumatized.Okay so that's just part of it.Okay so on another day we got in the car and drove and mind you we were buzzed not yet drunk:)
So we go and my sister takes a parking spot that lady was already waiting for but my sis took it and from there on we almost got into a fight with the lady.So we went on bought our things and my sister likes to drive fast, so on the way back we were bumping music and acting real loud whistling at the guys we saw.And we came to the street where we had to make a right turn my sister going hella fast almost passed it so she swerved the car to the right and up the sidewalk and almost crashing the car into a wall.Of course my sister hit's the brakes and I bump my head on the dashboard.At first we were shocked but then, we were holly crap and burst out laughing.I know I know not the brightest thing we were doing, any who so she pulls back of the side walk and there were tire marks there of her car so we booked it.Then later on that night I was suppose to be going home.So her mom drives me home and then crap happens again.We were on the light and made a right turn and out of no where some guy comes and we hit him.Not a full on hit but a bump.And Sandra's mom just keeps driving, saying oh he's fine.And believe it or not he was.Of course we went back to double check and he said he was fine.It was really scary.So that pretty much sums up my craziest spring break:)Oh and sorry if it's a little um unappropriate.

Shadow Girl

Judy said...

I am telling my age, again!!! I do not think when I was in school there were anything like spring breaks. I wish I had a fantastic one, but I am not going to make anything up:) I would love to win any of those books.


Holly (Between the Bookshelf) said...

I think the most exciting spring break I've ever had was when I went on my senior trip to DC.It was fun, but doesn't make for an exciting tale. I'd love to win the YA package.


as always ♥ Carol said...

I've never gone farther than Wisconsin for a vacation (sad I know lol) but that's been enough to have some fun times. The spring break I remember most is when my sisters decided we should all go to the Lake Michigan. It seemed like a good idea after all it was pretty warm outside and we were bored. We packed our stuff got in the car and drove towards Lake Michigan, but apparently other people had had the same idea as us and we couldn't find any parking space. We circled blocks and still no where to park by this time I was starting to get irritated (tends to happen when there's no air conditioning and its hot I get cranky XD) I kept asking why not just park in one of those especial places where you just have to pay like 5 bucks but noooo they wanted free parking. Finally they accepted it since the kids (their children, my nieces and nephews) were starting to get cranky as well. It was starting to get really late and we were barely getting out of the car so I was sort of mad at them. Not to mention since they'd been circling so much we sort of got lost and had to walk a lot! Since they realized we were going to have to walk a lot we were only "allowed" to take a towel and any thing else as long as we could carry it. Which basically ruled out all the stuff I'd brought. I was so mad (i just wanted to swim was that too much to ask? =p) I didn't even remember to grab my bag with my change of clothes. So there I am walking for a long time and when I get there I realize I have no clothes to change into I either had swim with the ones I had and walk back with them wet or go back and get my bag. I liked neither choice who would? I sat there mad at myself not wanting to swim since i had no other clothes. That is until my sister came and poured a bucket of water on me after that we sort of got into a water fight I figured since I was wet already might as well swim. The rest of the day was fabulous yes I was wet, probably sun burnt, had to walk back soaking wet but it was the best time ever. We all laughed so much and its become a fun story to tell even if at the time i hated it lol. So yeah that's the best Spring break I've had (with the family at least I love those slightly more than with friends) that I can remember I hope to make many more

as always ♥, Carol

Amy C said...

I prepared myself for a week of sleeping in, being lazy, and staying up. Instead, I got the opposite: I woke up at eight everyday. Because everyday, my friend Isabel showed up at my door, convinced that I spent far too much time indoors on my own. We went walking, we played in playgrounds, we sang obnoxiously and annoyed the neighbors; it was amazing.


Pam S said...

My friends and I (guys and girls) ended up hitting the beach, catching some movies. We played truth or dare that ended up with some shameless flirts, a few failed pickups, riding on the kiddie rides at the public stores, to running up and down the strip in trunks or suit shouting I am the prince/princess of cool. Was great times :).

pams00 @

Anonymous said...

My best spring break was last year. A bunch of my friends and I went to see 100 Monkey's (Jackson Rathbone's band) perform, there was some drinking but not really that excessive. We say the sites and dined and all around just had fun!

Anonymous said...

tweeted here:!/YearofTiger86/status/54440002893004800

Ming Ming said...

I have had a great spring break a year ago. My elementary school friend from kindergarten made a facebook group and the event was a reunion. A lot of my old friends went and it was really nice to see them all again. We hung out at the handball courts for a few hours and trust me, there were a lot of laughs. Even though there were a few poeple who weren't coming to the reunion they were at the handball courts because thats usually where they go.

And then we went to play pool for two hours. I sucked but the others had a lot of fun and then we had dinner with each other. It was like 5:30. I thought my day was over but apparently not. Me, and my two other friends seriously live only a block or two away from each other, and we all knew each other since elementary school. So we ended up bumping into one of the guy's sisters and friends and we went to rent a movie from the library. And I got home at like 9. That was probably the most fun I ever had in a day of spring break, even if I did get in trouble for going home late, despite being two blocks away. Even if that only was a day the other days of my spring break involved catching up with an old friend. Watching a movie and walking 3 miles to go play dance dance revolution at an arcade but i wore the wrong choice of shoes, so they hurt my feet. But I had a great time.

My dream spring break would be something along the lines of like a week on vacation with my best friends in Los Angeles or Miami or something.


Jennifer said...

I once took a "spring break" vacation with my boyfriend (at the time) and 2 friends to the Bahamas. All 4 of us hopped in a 2-door Accord, that was packed to the gills with our luggage, mind you, and drove from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA to Ft. Lauderdale. 4 people + 2-door car + 18 hour drive. You do the math on how that drive went.

We were all underage at the time (I think we were all 20), so once that day-cruise ship pulled out of the Port of Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Bahama, we whipped out those credit cards and let the drinking commence!

Lesson learned: do not drink and gamble.

Once we got to the island, we went para-sailing, snorkeling, and looked for conch shells (all while drunk OF COURSE). A cabbie yelled at my boyfriend because the cabbie thought I was underage and he was a pedophile, after which I had to produce my license to prove I was actually an adult!

I then spent the return trip on the boat as drunk as could be, carrying around my giant pina colada (heeeeyyyyy), complete with a little umbrella and served in a hollowed-out pineapple. I asked my friends how I could be so drunk off one pina colada, to which my boyfriend replied "baby, the BOAT is swaying, not YOU."

The best part of the trip? Eating at a really nice restaurant (dress code: swimsuits and hawaiian shirts) where we were seated at tables on the sand and watching the sun set off the Caribbean.

Jennifer said...

Egads! Forgot my email:
jenniferlynnadams at gmail dot com

Jen B. said...

Ok, best Spring Break ever. I am not a party girl nor have I ever been so my story is more personal. The week before Spring Break my sophomore year of college, my best friend and I were in my dorm room studying. He always thought it was beyond funny that I am terrible with a capital T at geography. So, he had hung up a world map on my wall and he would periodically quiz me. So, we started talking about Switzerland and how his father is from there and how lovely it is. I agreed that I would love to travel there. And then wham, he says we should go there on our honeymoon and I'm like yeah we should. So over the next couple of days we make goo goo eyes at each other and all of our friends are like what's up but we don't say a word. I decided to spend break with my sister so I hopped a flight and was gone for the next week. BTW, the flight out was a riot. I had this huge guy in the seat in front of me. He said he was a boxer. All I know is he could pass gas that would melt seat cushions. He kept putting his seat back and wiggling around (keep in mind he was huge). I was trying study but my book kept getting wiggled. I finally asked the stewardess if I could move. When she bent over and smelled "it" she was totally in agreement that I should move! Anyway, back to the story. When I got home from Spring Break my friend (we still weren't technically dating) picked me up at the airport and we went straight to the jewelry store. We picked out a lovely promise ring. But, he was broke so I dug the rest of my Spring Break money out of my purse and made the down payment. We went back each week so we could pay down with whatever money we had. My mom flipped her lid when she saw the ring that summer. I was forbidden from getting married until I graduated. And, besides, she pointed out, you aren't even dating him! Good point, that. So we spent the next three years daing and being engaged. And that is my Spring Break story. Oh, and this year marks our 20th wedding anniversary.

JaylieG said...

Best Spring Break Ever?
Well I have never had a spring break. Every Spring break from school was spent at home with family because we didnt have money to travel. Even after I left home, it was the same. So for me the best was being with family and going on picnics.. nothing beats family. I know mine isn't exciting but for me, it was great to spend time with my mom who passed away shortly after I graduated HS (She was sick most of my life).

Jolene Allcock and Family said...

The best spring break ever was my senior year in highschool when my boyfriend missed me while I was gone for a week and I came home to a new puppy from him. We are now married and almos 11 years later we still have our dog :)


Jolene Allcock and Family said...

I tweeted!/joleneallcock/status/55746284522438656

Julie S said...

I'm uncool, I never did anything crazy over spring break. However, my (at the time) boyfriend (currently hubby) and I visited Houston during our last spring break from college to decide whether we wanted to live here and look at law schools for him. It was a really big decision point in our life, so it was a very memorable spring break.


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