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Book Blogging 101: Should I change my blog name?

Well Thursday just snuck up on me...guess this calls for a BB101 Vlog...enjoy!

That's it folks. Talk less. Read More. Happy Thursday.

Ask your BB101 Questions here...


Aimee said...

Great video! I had to change (just slightly) my blog name because 6 months after I got my blog a company came in and took the exact same name only in a .com (I was still a blogspot) so it made it pretty frustrating at all the emails I got for them.

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

Love the vlog format and also the advice on changing a blog name. Very helpful as always! :)

Moonlight Gleam said...

Great vlog!!!

I actually had the same question for changing blog name because I've actually experienced a lot of people not saying or writing my whole blog name or getting it wrong entirely, so I was thinking of trimming it down or changing it slightly. Perhaps I should do a survey or poll to ask my readers. who knows lol

thanks PJ!

Tinasbookreviews said...

Well there goes my spiffy name down the toilet...;( And it was all sparkly with funness...Oh well...LOL- thanks for the feedback!!


Sally @ Bibrary Book Lust said...

Wow, talk about timing - I just did a small change of name on my blog this morning. No real reason, other than I think the new name puts more of an emphasis on the books, and less on the reviewer.

Sarah said...

Great post! I actually really like the idea of tweeting @ an author or publisher your review link. Never thought of that!

♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

AsianCocoa said...

Great vlog, PJ. I like the suggestion about emailing/tweeting the publisher. I usually just tweet the author.

~ Monique @ AsianCocoa's Secret Garden

Savannah said...

Love the vlog!!

Sherry Soule said...

You're so awesome! Thanks for sharing your insight and expertise. ;-)


Sherry Soule Official Website

Author of the Spellbound Series

CharmaineElaine said...

Your vlog is great this week Rachel. I've been reading these for a while and it was nice to see a vlog.

I only recently started using Twitter and have already tweeted my two most positive reviews. Both authors got back to me and tweeted their thanks. It made me feel happy to know that the time I spent writing the review was appreciated.

Anyway, I'm rambling because I don't really comment much, I get nervous lol, I just wanted to say that these have really helped me as a blogger, and so has #FF so thanks for doing them both.

Char @ From the Shadows I Review

Enbrethiliel said...


Since Twitter is one big chat room, it really is insulting for users to put "@Author" in tweets that link to negative reviews. It's one thing to think someone's book is terrible; it's another thing to tap him on the shoulder for the pleasure of saying the same to his face.

Jennifer@The Book Nympho said...

Great V-Blog. (nothing stupid said LOL). I love my blog name but I'm starting to change the image to a more "cleaner" one because I've gotten into YA books along with PNR, UF and more adult themed books. I want to be able to lose the adult content warning on my blog. I think that is the reason I'm getting turned down on NG for YA books.

Penelope Lolohea said...

I'm glad you brought up the point about not mentioning authors along with links to bad reviews. I can see how it could be upsetting and I think it's pretty rude. I think it's great to mention authors in positive reviews, though. Great vlog/BB01!

Patti (Caught in a FAB Romance) said...

HI Rachel! Thanks for the shout out. You're absolutely right about the name change.

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Great Tips! Only thing I would say is about negative reviews sometimes you can't help but twitter the authors name if you have feedburner set up to tweet your post. Although my experience has been pretty good with authors even when I do something critical to say.

ParaJunkee said...

@Aimee & Moonlight – this is kind of for both of you. For changing a name, a short change is no big deal. You should pause when you are changing everything up. You should have a big reason. Take for example my name, if I dropped the View...and just went with Parajunkee, or increased it and went with Parajunkee's Reviews, really wouldn't make that much of a difference. I still have the core of my name. Shortening, changing up parts, that probably would hurt your readership. What would happen though if I switched from Parajunkee's View – to Rachel Raunchy Reads? Might be a bit of confusion.

@Leanna – Thank you mu dear.

@Tina – I'm sorry down the toilet...I'm telling you, sell it!

@Sally – I'm psychic. And what is a Bibrary?

@Sarah – And it is sooo easy to do! I have to remember to do it myself.

@AsianCocoa – thank you! The publisher might send you some books though... ;)

@Savannah – Thank you!

@Sherry – XOXO sweets.

@Charmaine – Thank you! I really felt if I would have written something out it would have been full of typos, LOL. I was slap happy. That is awesome that they got back in touch with you. Twitter is an awesome tool for us book bloggers. Thank you also for commenting. I tend to stalk too, so don't worry about it. I'm glad they helped you out, I really appreciate that they are going over well....who would have thought it right?

@Enbrethiliel hello my darlin! It is rather insulting, unless my review is GLOWING and I mean not one bad thing to say, do I @ the author. I will @ the pub though – not if it is negative though. I respect authors and I don't think they should be reading all of their reviews that come out. It can lead wonderful artists to ruminate on little negative things that might hurt them in the long run, because a lot of the time reviews really aren't constructive criticism. And the twitter thing, I just don't think some bloggers think... they just want to be noticed so they @ the author. Now granted my tweet will go out with the authors name, like PJV Review: Lover Mine by JRR Ward – so if the author searches their name in twitter it will come up – and I've had a negative response that way, or more specifically a passive aggressive public jab... ;) but that can't be helped. You should promote your work. Just don't rub it in their face.

@Jennifer – Thank you! I'm so glad, I was slap happy. ;) Yes, I think that is a good reason to change your name. Nympho has very sexual connotes. That is something you should probably consider if you are interested in Young Adult. Your adult warning will also restrict viewers from reading your blog behind firewalls – so I do believe that you might want to consider a revision if that is the direction you want to lean towards.

@Penelope – Thank you! Yeah, negative reviews are fine to post on your blog, just don't rub the authors face in it.

@Patti – you are welcome!!! and thank you.

@Confuzzled – Don't @ them – like I said earlier, writing their name out is one thing, actually using their twitter name is another. Feedburner will not specifically search out twitter handles and @ them. But, if it does do that, I'm not familiar with that feature. And don't worry, they'll let you know if they have something to say to you...LOL Don't worry...

Moonlight Gleam said...

PJ you definitely make a good point hun! :) Thank you again! You rock!

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

Great advice, Rachel. I'm starting to think that my blog posts being auto-tweeted might not be such a great idea after all. Since I don't have the opportunity to tweet @ someone.

Mariya @ Mystifying Paranormal Reviews said...

thanks for the opnion on the name change subject I have been thinking anout changing mine and I didn't know if I should b/c I am known by my current one, but I love your input on the subject. thanks.

Jennifer said...

Thursday snuck up on me as well. Where'd the week go?! Anyway, on the topic of name changing: I did it early on in my blog. It was originally Just Nooking Around, because I had a Nook, but as the blog progressed, I realized I could potentially alienate my readership by having it tied to one brand of reader, even if I am really reviewing books in general and it has little to do with ereaders. Thus, The Bawdy Book Blog was born (plus, it's a cute name).
On the flip side, Bex over at KindleFever doesn't have brand issues like that, so it's interesting to see how we've both progressed.

Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

Grace said...

I have spent the whole day thinking it was Wednesday so I completely get it :)

Awesome vlog. You always have such awesome tips.

I just wanted to add that I changed my blog name (and moved the blog from Wordpress to Blogger) when I was fairly established. It was necessary. Not because I did anything bad but because Grace's Book Blog was terrible. I pretty much had to start from scratch as Books Like Breathing but I was able to re-establish myself (and gain a bigger presence) with Twitter, networking, and by posting many, many reviews. Also finding a specific reading niche did help.

Lauren B said...

Thanks for the great vlog and tips.
I was also thinking about changing my blog name but I completely agree with you that it should be for a very good reason and I don't have one. Plus, the more I have my blog name the more it grows on me.
Have a great weekend.

Lily Child said...

Great ideas! Love seeing you in person-ish! :)

BooksforCompany said...

I totally agree!
I identify my favourite blogs by their blog name so to change this would probably lose them a lot of followers/views

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