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The Transition Begins...

It has been in the works for awhile. Well at least in my head. But, after today's 4 hour down time because of what at first was thought to be blogger's fault - but later turned out to be a GoDaddy issue - I made the decision to go over to a self-hosted interface. This .blogspot will still be active with older posts, but to view the latest greatest -- go to

It's been fun blogger - and I love you. But, really, it's you not me.



Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

As long as I can still get your posts on my Google Reader, I'll be a happy camper!

Bibliotropic said...

Oh, and you say this just after I made the decision to get the domain name for my blog with GoDaddy, through Blogger... This doesn't bode well for the wisdom of my purchase choice...

Of course, you've got a far bigger blog than I, so it may well be that what I have now is sufficient for me but not for you. That's my hope, anyway!

I'll still keep reading!

Aimee said...

There seem to have been quite a few blogs that have had issues this last week or so with and I was wondering if my blog would be next. *Whew* I'm glad I missed that because I would have no idea how to fix it!

Bookluvr Mindy said...

Nice!!! Good luck!

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Unknown said...

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