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The Host Blog with Bite Discussion Questions

  1. Have you read Twilight? How did The Host compare to Meyer's YA series?
    1. Yes, I've read Twilight. I don't know if she would have written under a pen, that I would have recognized this as Meyer's writing. The only thing comparable was the self-sacrificing heroine. This was such a scifi very different from the Twiligh Series.
  2. A lot of readers have expressed dislike for the immense amount of inner dialogue in The Host. Did you feel the novel lacked action?
    1. I went int thinking that it would drive me crazy, but it seemed well done and I enjoyed it.  The inner dialogue is very integral to the plot of the novel, I really don't think there would be any way else to have done it.
  3. Do you feel the ending hinted at a sequel? If so, would you read The Host #2?
    1. I did feel it hinted at a sequel, and yes I will probably read #2 if it comes out. SM has been quoted by MTV as saying that there would be two more books, "The Soul," and then "The Seeker."


justpeachy36 said...

I've read Twilight but not the Host... It's on my Wish List.

I gave you a shoutout on my blog today.

Barbara said...

Love the new look. I'd read the second one too. I did enjoy the first book

Al said...

I think the new look is great!


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