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Sucker Punch

Shaking things up this Tuesday with a movie trailer. Haven't put one up in awhile, because frankly, my dear, there hasn't been crap out lately that I've taken a shine too...then like Ohmigawd... I saw this trailer.

Fantasy. Burlesque. Punk. Katanas. Ass-Kicking. Pig-Tails. Dragons. LORDS OF ACID in the trailer.

What more can a girl ask for??? This better rock or I will stamp my feet and write to Zack Snyder personally and demand my money back (not a big fan of Watchman - even though I liked the outfits).

Darling readers. Meet Baby Doll. ENJOY!

Have I mentioned that I lurve Lords of Acid? (PJV fact #12) Throw back to my wild teenage years. That little ditty is called Crablouse. I know huh??


Dren said...


Anonymous said...

That looks really good......I cant believe you like Lords of Acid...I used to listen to that group when I was in highschool but havent for years.....I think my favorite song was something about rough sex.......:D

J.A. Saare said...

I love the Lords of Acid. This is great! ;-)

Mary not so Contrary said...

Lords of Acid....holy throw back to high school and going clubing. This movie does look awesome!!!

Savannah said...

Sucker Punch looks like a great movie. Totally love the whole girl kicks butt thing.

Juju at Tales of said...

I seriously can not wait for this.
I love the art deco, punkish, feel.

Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Hmm I hadn't heard of this, but it does look good! Got a lot going on in the trailer!

Anonymous said...

I watch G4, and when they were at comic con and spoke to the director and gushed about the trailer, I just about died. I couldn't find the trailer yet uploaded to youtube, and I REALLY wanted to see what this movie was about. I have to say, the trailer looks amazing. Cannot wait!!

Anonymous said...

wow, this looks amazing!! i vaguely remember hearing the name somewhere but had no idea it would be kick-ass. thanks for sharing!

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