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No Mercy by Sherilyn Kenyon

No Mercy by Sherilyn Kenyon

PJVs QUICKIE POV: A great addition to the Dark Hunter universe, No Mercy is hard hitting, sexy and intense. There were a few little plot flaws that had my brain churning, but nothing to sneeze at.

REVIEW: Samia is our Dark-Hunter of choice in No Mercy. An Amazon, she became a Dark-Hunter when her and her family were murdered. In the thousands of years that she has been alive she has lived a fast life with no affection, haunted by the love she lost so long ago and the power of Psychometry that she possesses.

Dev Peltier is a bear shape-shifter. Now the guardian of Sanctuary after his mother died. He has guarded the neutral bar for over 200 years but his restless spirit has him looking to move on - and then Samia speeds into his life. Who can resist a sexy Amazon on a motorcycle?

The problem lies in the fact that Samia can't touch anyone without seeing everything about them. Her feet cannot even touch the floor bare without being overwhelmed by past occurrences.This has left her abstinent in her long life and a bit on the prickly side. All her passions go into killing, which is why she is one of the elite of the Dark Hunters, the Dogs of War.

When it starts to become apparent that the daimons are in possession of new sources of powers, mainly the ability to walk in daylight, Samia must find out what is going on. In order to do this she tries to "read" Dev and comes up with nothing. He is like her "null". Could it be possible that she has finally found a man that she can touch and be touched by that she can't read?

Couple of problems. She's a Dark-Hunter, he's a were. That can't mix. Second, something wicked is brewing in Daimon world and they have Samia as a major target.

Kenyon's writing is as always spot on. She takes this Dark-Hunter world to a whole new level. Just when you think it should be getting boring she throws in a fun new character and it is great. This is what keeps this series great, a new character for each book, instead of the same characters over and over again.

I really enjoyed Devereux Peltier - I even like his name. Being from New Orleans I know a Devereux and a Peltier - how fun is that? I wonder how SK pronounces it - but we do it DEV - A - ROW, sometimes dropping the A. Peltier is PEL-SHAY.

Dev was a great character, funny, sexy and a bit crazy. Samia was a tough and broken and deep. Their pairing was an excellent read.

My problem arose with Samia's power. Psychometry. The ability to read objects with your hand or skin. Samia was so bad off with her Psychometry that she had to Archeron conjure all of her possessions that she touched without her gloves. Even if she rubbed up against something she would be overwhelmed by readings. So Archeron would conjure all her clothes and personal objects that touched her body and Samia would grow all her own food because she couldn't even eat things without getting a reading.

With this extreme case of Psychometry I over thought things. I just didn't think it was possible to live like this - and then began thinking, well poor Archeron had to be doing a lot of conjuring for Samia. Did he conjure her bed, sheets, bathtub, soap, towels, make-up? Then I got to thinking even worse things? Do Dark-Hunters have a monthly visitor? Does she have to ask Archeron to conjure feminine products? There were a few references to she can't have a man so battery power is how she handles things. Ummm...I can't imagine having to ask Archeron to conjure up a battery-powered man replacement. 

"Archeron...I'll take one like this...yeah the one in pink with the nodes all over it and the 4-speed setting."

That had me cracking up. But, kind of put a chink in the story for me. It really wasn't a big thing though, just thought I would mention it because I found it so hilarious thinking of all the things poor Archeron would have to conjure up for her. 

Great book though, and a must-read for SK fans. Her Dark-Hunter series seems to not have lost steam - keep 'em coming!

RECOMMENDATIONS: Adults only series. Fans of the Dark-Hunter should definitely read. You also really don't have to read early books in the series SK has a wonderful way of explaining the world without seeming redundant. This allows readers to pick up any of her books and just get immersed in the series. 

Here is the recommended reading order if you do want to start from the beginning though:

#1 Night Pleasures (Kyrian & Amanda)
#2 Night Embrace Hardback (Talon & Sunshine)
#3 Dance With The Devil (Zarek & Astrid)
#4 Kiss of the Night (Wulf & Cassandra)
#5 Night Play (Vane & Bride)
#6 Seize the Night (Valerius & Tabitha)
#7 Sins of the Night (Alexion & Danger) #8 Unleash the Night (Wren & Maggie)
#9 Dark Side of the Moon (Ravyn & Susan)
#10 The Dream-Hunter (Arik & Geary)
#11 Fear The Darkness (Nick)
#12 Upon the Midnight Clear (Aidan & Leta)
#13 Devil May Cry (Sin & Kat)
#14 Dream Chaser (Xypher & Simone)
#15 Acheron (Ash & Tory)
#16 One Silent Night (Stryker & Zephyra)
#17 Dream Warrior (Jericho & Delphine)
#18 Bad Moon Rising (Fang & Aimee)
#19 No Mercy (Dev & Sam)
#20 Redemption (Jess & Abby)

No Mercy by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

only have read 1 book from the series and liked it.

ParaJunkee said...

It is a good series. Very dark and sexy.

Emily said...

I'm pretty behind in this series at this point but this one sounds good! The psychometry thing sounds tricky though- I'm imagining this lady having to use the courtesy pen in the checkout line and having a complete episode there in front of the magazines.

Jessica @ Book Bound said...

I wasn't completely disappointed with this book, but I have to agree the Psychometry thing threw me off a bit too. Great review.

Kristen said...

Hey thanx for giving me the reading order. I was getting quite confused when I wanted to start this series thanx for that!!

I loved the review and I have heard great things about this series!

My Bloody Fairy Tale

Anonymous said...

Dev is such a great character. He had me cracking up with about everything he said. So funny. This book was good but not as good as the earlier books in the series. I thought that whole going off to find the girder or whatever it was really threw me off. Good review. If I had to pick between a battery operated boyfriend and Dev.....well no contest for me.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Chapter Chicks said...

Thanks for the review, I liked another one of her series. I think it was the Dream-Hunter series, a close second to the Dark-Hunter series. All of her series have like thirty books. :)

Alyssa@Teens Read and Write said...

I haven't read any of her adult series but enjoyed the Chronicles of Nick. I'll give this one a try. Nice to know I don't have to start at the beginning - sounds fun and sexy. That Psychometry sucks!

strange_candy_reviews said...

This is such a great series. I agree about the psychometry thing. I can't wait for Jess and Abbey's book!

Kah Woei said...

Very funny review especially when you touched on the practicalities of life.

Nicola said...

With the regards to a dark huntress needing feminine products; simply they shouldn't as when the male hunters died as humans they became infertile, that should apply to a woman also. All aging is halted why not the menstrual cycle.

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