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Guest Post & Giveaway with Gini Koch

New Week...and more giveaways! Are you enjoying your Paranormal Spring Break? And for this wonderful Monday I'm pleased as a swamp peep with a 10 foot gator on my line to introduce one of my most favorite of all time characters from one of the best science fiction/urban fantasy series on the market.

Let's raise our shot glasses to celebrate Paranormal Spring Break and welcome the renown Katherine "Kitty" Katt...


Spring Break with the ‘Gators

Touched by an AlienSpring break means many different things to many different beings, but in the Florida swamps, it means PARTY!

I’m Katherine “Kitty” Katt, and I narrate the true-life adventures of what it’s like to live and work with the most gorgeous people on Earth. Okay, fine, they’re aliens, so not originally from Earth. But they’re still gorgeous, and they’re here to protect and serve. And okay, what it’s like is that we’re usually fighting for our lives while some fugly monster or insane politico tries to destroy us and take over the world and/or the galaxy. But, you know, otherwise, it’s a party all the time.

Getting in on the serving and protecting during our last outing, aka “Alien Tango”, were two Earth-creatures who went above and beyond to help save the day. So, without further ado, let’s welcome Alliflash and Gigantagator!

Kitty: Hi boys, how’s it hanging?
Gigantagator: Hello, Kitty. We’re doing pretty well.
Alliflash: The Packers won the Super Bowl. It wasn’t the Saints, the Falcons, or the Buccaneers, but I can live with it. So, good here.
K: Great! So, the Paranormal Spring Break is all about getting the party started. What music gets a ‘gator going, party-wise?
G: Give me a good reggae beat, and I’m down.

A: I can hang with G’s choices, but I’m partial to Kid Rock, Eminem, Jay-Z…
Alien TangoK: You’re into the rappers?
A: Yeah. They have ‘gator cred, if you know what I mean.
G: I also like good, old fashioned southern rock.
K: Freebird!
G: You got it. Lynryd Skynyrd rules the airwaves. Not only them, of course. But I know our space is limited.
K: My iPod isn’t. But, I’m with you, no need to list every group, just the top faves. Though I’m kind of feeling like there’s a key musical component missing. Like the totally awesome component.
A: I’ll throw you a raw chicken bone, Kitty. I can and do get down to Aerosmith. I thought their Honkin’ on Bobo album was great, a real departure in one sense, but totally true to their roots in another.
K: I agree. The boys from Boston have soul, and a deep blues background. So, reggae, rap, southern rock, and the best rockers in the world are on your party play list. What else?
G: Well, you know, you have to have something for the ladies.
K: You have Aerosmith.
G: That’s not enough for some of the ladies.
K: Really? Wow. Sad. But okay. So, what tunes does a smooth operator ‘gator spin?
Alien in the FamilyA: Well, G goes for John Legend, but I prefer the classics. Teddy, Barry, Peabo.
K: I know you mean Teddy Pendergrass and Peabo Bryson, excellent choices, by the way. But by Barry, do you mean White or Manilow?
G: Depends on the lady. If she wants the Copacabana, who are we to say no, right Al?
A: You know it, G! It IS the hottest spot north of Havana…that’s not in our swamp!
G: ‘Gator high five!
K: So, I guess it’s safe to assume you’re both players?
G: We get our share. A gentleman ‘gator never kisses and tells, though.
A: And we’re gentlemen. Though if you tickle my tummy, I’ll be happy to roll in the mud for you and tickle you back with my tail.
K: I don’t know whether to be flattered, grossed out, horrified, or to run like hell.
A: Most go with flattered.
G: It’s smarter to assume the fastest ‘gator in existence is flirting.
K: Dude, I know he’s flirting. I’m still unsure of my emotional response. I’m going to go with “deeply confused” and move on. So, last question. You just won the Spring Break Party Lottery and you can throw any kind of party you want. What’s on the menu, who’s on the guest list, and what band’s playing live?
G: Menu’s easy. Anything that moves that isn’t a ‘gator.
K: Um…
A: He’s joking. Kind of. Barbeque, all done up nice. Full cows, pigs and chickens. Feathers and hides off is optional, but, to be nice for the girls, let’s call it half skinned and plucked and half ‘au naturale’.
K: Um, how…delicious.
G: Don’t forget the libations. Gotta have something to wash that kind of stick to your ribs and teeth meal down.
A: I’m calling the Malibu Rum!
K: Mali-boom-boom!
G: You got it! I think we also need some Mickey’s Bigmouths, Coronas, and LandShark, just to round it out.
K: Beer and rum. I can go for that. Okay, so, who’s coming?
A: Anybody who’s anybody who’s not on the menu. You’re invited. Leave those big, strong dudes at home, though. I’m not partial to being tackled and kidnapped again.
G: Yeah. We’ll take good care of you. You can leave your bodyguards at home back at their underground base.
K: I’ll consider the wisdom of hanging with an entire swamp full of alligators without someone who’s super strong and who can also run at hyperspeed. I’ll send my R.S.V.P. once I’m back home. So, who’s playing live at your ultimate swamp party?
G: I’ve been giving this some thought, and I think we have to go big.
A: Real big. Biggest. ‘Cause it’s no expense spared and we can have anyone in the world, right?
K: Right.
G: Then it’s simple.
A: Truly.
K: And that would be?
G: Justin.
A: G’s nailed it! Kid can sing, kid can dance, kid’s got a great sense of humor. He’s perfect!
K: Um, am I understanding you to mean that your ultimate musical ‘get’ is Justin Bieber?
G: What?
A: Huh?
K: Um, you said Justin…
A: TIMBERLAKE, babe! We mean Justin Timberlake!
G: ‘Cause ‘gators know the meaning of sexy back!
K: Oh. Whew. Okay. I can get behind Timberlake.
A: He’ll bring the babes, too.
G: Oh, yeah. Kid draws ‘em every time. We might even screen ‘The Social Network’, just have it on endless loop, in the background.
A: Well, maybe just Justin’s parts. It might be in his contract.
K: Um, you do realize that my questions were hypothetical, right? You’re not really getting an unlimited party budget.
G: Says you. I have contracts back in my log that say differently.
K: Really?
A: Truth. Would a ‘gator lie to a sweet honey like yourself?
K: From what I’m gathering, yes, all the time. Speaking of which, we’re out of time. Gigantagator, Alliflash, it’s been great hanging with you, and enjoy bringing Sexy Spring Break Back!

Touched by an AlienAlien TangoAlien in the Family

Katherine "Kitty" Katt is the main character in Gini Koch's Alien series. The third of the series, Alien in the Family is scheduled for release April 5th, 2011. Gini Koch has kindly offered up a copy of Alien Tango the second book in the series for one lucky winner and I'm matching with a $5 iTunes gift card because these books infuse so much music into the pages!

Genre: Adult, Science Fiction Romance
Series: Alien Series
Fantasy Element: Aliens
Order Online:
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Contest Deets ONE WINNER:
One (1) winner will receive a copy of Alien Tango by Gini Koch and a $5 iTunes gift card.

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Comment to win, answer Kitty's question to the gators:
You just won the Spring Break Party Lottery and you can throw any kind of party you want. What’s on the menu, who’s on the guest list, and what band’s playing live?

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Anonymous said...

Let's it bad that I would love to do some place relaxing and have all my favorite book bloggers and authors join me? The menu....lobster since we are on the beach and the music would probably depend on what book I am reading! Thanks for the giveaway!

SandyG265 said...

I'd serve barbecue chicken and london broil and I'd invite my family and friends. Sinec I can have whatever music I want I'd have Billy Joel.

Ruth A. said...

I'm thinking about a good old fashion finger licking good BBQ. 80's Rebel music.

C.G. Powell said...

Loved the interview...

Kristen - Seeing Night said...

You just won the Spring Break Party Lottery and you can throw any kind of party you want. What’s on the menu, who’s on the guest list, and what band’s playing live?

I would definately have a fiesta! Some good yummy mexican food, salsa & chips, dancing to all kinds of music rock, R&B, Alternative. I would invite fellow bloggers to chat about our latest books and just have fun.

Victoria said...

Okay I'd have a pizza/beer/margarita party. My band would be Bon Jovi (I know - but I love um) and the guest list would be open invite.

Robin K said...

Ok, you are all gonna laugh, but I would thorw a DISNEY party in Cinderellas castle! The band would be Aerosmith!


robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com

ReneeRearden said...

First, very entertaining interview!

Now for the question: You just won the Spring Break Party Lottery and you can throw any kind of party you want. What’s on the menu, who’s on the guest list, and what band’s playing live?

I'd throw a backyard seafood feed of crab, lobster, crawdads, shrimp, corn on the cob...mmm. Bring a bib for this finger-lickin festival of good food, gobs of beer, and company with great friends. Oh, and Nickle Creek would so be playing their somewhere between country and indie rock, infused with bluegrass music...

Ya'll come on over now and join us!


debbie said...

I would have my grill going, I would do a surf and turf dinner for my friends and family. I would be listening to an eclectic mix, including some audioslave.

Vivien said...

I would have a huge BBQ with all of my friends. Plus Margaritas!! Who doesn't enjoy those. Pulled pork, ribs, all the fixings. And because I'm a metal girl, something rock would be playing. Probably some Tool and Alice in Chains. Wow, now I'm hungry.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Tore said...

I would throw a party with authors, bloggers some celebraties and have it catered with all types of food and the band would be Rascal Flatts. Please enter me in contest.

BLHmistress said...

Lets see I would have a combo of friends, my Jovi friends and my blogger friends - I think you would all get along :).

As for music 80s metal baby ! Bon Jovi top on the list :) followed by Aerosmith , Europe and many more too many to list. Lots of ballads in there for all the ladies :)

As for a menu- I would have a variety , maybe some shrimp, steak and baked potatoes as well as burger and fries.

Drinks I would say Beer a lil bit of wine, vodka for my lemon shots


I tweeted!/BookLovershaway/status/49893092240785408

Rain Maiden said...

At my make believe party we would have hot wings, beer and the Black Eyed Peas would be playin, but thats not going to be happen in this hick town.

Books and Bane said...

You just won the Spring Break Party Lottery and you can throw any kind of party you want. What’s on the menu, who’s on the guest list, and what band’s playing live?

Fine, I am going to be totally cliche' and say a like totally extreme 80's party with Adam and The Ants playing live! I don't have any specifics on people. The prerequisite would be to be fully 80's out AND to be happy. No bad attitudes or negative energy. If you can't laugh then don't bother trying to get in... just like walk away, fer sure, like totally... OMG. If you can't be bitchin' to the max then that's just heinous!
As for food it would be totally choice grindage!!

nedsped (at) verizon (dot) net

Anne said...

The band would play country music, mostly contemporary 90-present with a few oldies 70-80's thrown in for character.

Friends and family on the guest list.

Country grill type stuff, hamburgers, ribs, smoked meats of many kinds, corn on the cob, cold salads, chips, lots of soda and beer, plenty of desserts, maybe even make the kids put in some labor for homemade ice cream. (This is killing me, I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch 3 hours ago.)

Capucine said...

Let me see... I would have sushi, brugers, some vegan and some vegitarian food. Then, I would invite all my friends especially those who live in Europe because I miss them soooo much.then I would have the Script and some French singers. Maybe even Shakira! Oh my this would be awsome if I could do it!!!! :D

Denise said...

I would love to have a paragenre party with all my favorite authors - to name only a very few because my favorite is usually what I am reading and enjoying at the time - Laurell Hamilton, Charlain Harris, Kait Nolan, Gini Koch as well as the wonderful bloggers who share their finds - what the hey it's the lottery lets include the whole indi collective. We will have finger foods of all kinds for every palate while Muse plays in the background and we will discuss everyone's books and plan the next party bringing in the mystery and suspense folks. Thanks for you efforts and the fun daydream, as well as a chance to win the giveaway!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I'd love to have a bbq party. Everyone I love is at the party and several people new to meet. The band would be a local band. I think that would be fun. :)

books (dot) things (at) yahoo (Dot) com

Pamk said...

whoohoo Would have to be on the beach, with surf and turf plus barbeque. For drinks it would be bahama mamas, dacquires, beer, and all types of soft drinks. And a full dessert bar. For music, I love to have lynard skynard, the beach boys, and I'd have my sons to pick a couple.

Beezil said...

I would love to make this all a cool beach party, just down the road at ButterflyBay. In beatiful Northlnad, New Zealand. Fresh collected pipi's on the fire, and smoking kahawai in the smoker... perfect. Music would be the best of Queen, Meat Loaf and some Lady Gaga

Kimmie, Nola said...

Well, since I live on an island, I would like to do something different! Is take us all up to my friend's place in the Salem, Massachusetts tour....I love it......get some good Witchy Woman for some tunes....totally make it a funky mix of old classic R&R, a little fun 80s music......some in the times music......

To Tex Mex!!!! The real Taco Bell drive through....luv me some Bell though! Then we would all have any Sonic drink....any & all....cuz Sonic ice rocks the house!!! And....I LOVE me some cranberry limeade. They also have Diet DP!!!

Judy said...

Since I am from Louisiana!! I would have crawfish, shrimp, crabs, and Jambalaya, and all the beer you could drink. The band would be playing country, kid rock, and cajun music.


Lil said...

I would have a fondue party since that is what I am currently craving and the guests would be authors and readers. Music would be a mix of top 40 music.

Mariya said...

PARTY! PARTY! I love Disney music...haha. so of course I would love Demi Lovato for my music and I would invite old friends as well as new ones. Bloggers and Readers 8)


Mariya said...

I also tweetedL!/mariya_davis/status/50129636000141312


Stephanie M. Lorée said...

A sushi bar, my loved ones, and I am the band. No, really, it's my band up there. :)

stephanie AT stephaniemloree DOT com

Amber Scott Books said...

My spring break party would be vamp style. At night, on a Hawaii beach, Florence and the Machine playing and a nice pagan roast pig.

Amanda from Novel Addiction said...

If I won the Spring Break party lottery, my party would be obsessively Irish-y.. except for the food. The food would be a mix of fancy steaks and hamburger helper. Well, and some pizza. My friends and family would all be there (and maybe actually get along for once). And I would want either the Tartan Terrors or Gaelic Storm playing. I absolutely love punky celtic music.

ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

Aanchal @ Book Flame said...

My guest list would consist of all my friends and close family,some of my favorite authors and awesome book bloggers. The menu would be anything sea food along with some burger and fries for those who don't care for sea food and as for the band I would have Evanescence playing

Anonymous said...

Spring Break Party Lottery... Hmm...

I want Angus Mohr playing (Highland Rock'n'Roll), steak-on-a-stick, candied pecans, turkey legs, mead, and other ren-faire type foods. :) Great for wandering around while eating.

Fun stuff! :D

Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother... said...

Hmmm...I would have to go with some good mexican food, fajitas, salsa, pico...the works!

I would love to have a bunch of paranormal book fans there...most of my family think my choice of books are weird and I could use some adult interaction!

I don't care who is playing as long as you can move to it!

Thank you!

meggerfly said...

Great interview! I just heard about these books recently.

Menu = lobster, prime rib, assorted cheesecakes, my grandmother's hamburger stroganoff, goulash, lasagna, my aunt's meatballs, my cousins mint fudge, clam chowder, french fries, onion rings, broccoli cheddar bites and pepperoni roles w/sauce.

Guests = Goodreads friends, the men of BDB, Midnight Breed, The men of the Night huntress world, the LOTU, the men from IAD, the men from Kallysten's Out of the Box and On the Edge series...See where I'm going with this?

Music = Hard core mixed w/ 80's and 90's music.

meggerfly said...

I shared on FB

justpeachy36 said...

Ok... so I've won the lottery.

I'm having a big ol' barbeque, with steaks on the grill and the like, lots of drink (caffeine free diet pepsi... LOL!) and Nickleback playing the music.

Please enter me in the giveaway.

JaylieG said...

You just won the Spring Break Party Lottery and you can throw any kind of party you want. What’s on the menu, who’s on the guest list, and what band’s playing live?

1. Menu is Picnic BBQ Style ( ribs, burgers, hot dogs all the fixings and drinks available.)

2. Guest List: Everyone here!

3. Music: Anything Country, cuz Im a country girl at heart


jgrissum AT att.blackberry DOT net

Jennifer said...

Menu: Well....gator. It is yummy.
Guest list: intelligent peeps who know to bring alcohol (duh).
Music: The Playlist of Awesome from my iPod, that features everything from Weezer & Naughty By Nature to The Moody Blues. =D

jenniferlynnadams at gmail dot com

Julie S said...

How about an outdoor Texas style bbq with my buds :)


Pam S said...

These books look awesome! Loved the fun post!

I'd invite friends and family. Food: homemade ice creams, fruit bowls, blend of island foods, fiesta menu items, and summer time eats ;). Music: 80's and 90's music from all genres.

pams00 @

Pam S said...!/pams00/status/54273949730750464

pams00 @

mbreakfield said...

I'd have pizza, fried chicken and fixens, several different kinds of alcoholic beverages and nonalcoholic, 80's music, and I'd invite family and friends.

mbreakfield said...


lindseye said...

Ice cream social, with all kinds of toppings plus pizza and hamburgers. Want Third Day playing live and friends and family for the reunion showing up.

linze_e at

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