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Interview with Kinsey Holley

Parajunkee's View is pleased as werewolf with a rare ribeye, to welcome author Kinsey Holley to the blog in celebration of Paranormal Spring Break. Ms. Holley is the author of the very sexy Werewolves in Love Series and in celebration of her latest book's release she has offered up a copy of Yours, Mine and Howls (see below for deets)

Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Series: Werewolves in Love Book 2
Fantasy Element: Werewolves
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Parajunkee's View: Can you tell us a little bit about YOURS, MINE AND HOWLS?

Kinsey Holley: I’d love to! Ally was a teenager living on her own in Lake Charles; the only family she was close to were her cousins Seth, who was her age, and Dylan, who was five. One night Dylan’s werewolf stepfather showed up at Ally’s trailer in a drunken rage after learning he wasn’t Dylan’s birth father. When she wouldn’t let him see Dylan, he killed her. And it changed her life.

Cade MacDougall’s the Alpha of the Rocky Mountain Pack. He owns a horse ranch and is raising his four-year-old daughter, Rebecca. Cade’s dad was Alpha of the previous Rocky Mountain Pack, but he and Cade’s mom were killed thirty years ago – it’s haunted Cade ever since.

When he finds out that his late brother had a son (Dylan), Cade wants to meet him. And now that Dylan’s 18, and a strong alpha wolf, Ally wants to find him a pack to help him finish growing up. So Ally and Dylan head to Colorado to meet Cade, and sparks fly.

PJV: What sets your werewolves apart from the rest of the pack?

KH: Hm. I think it’s because in my world, werewolves have been out since the forties, and assimilated into human society for several decades. My werewolves (there aren’t any female werewolves) are born, not bitten, and they’re not torn between their human and wolf natures. They’re like humans – some are good, some are bad, most are normal, some have psychological problems. But they’re not, as a species, constantly on the verge of violent rampage. In other words, if they’re assholes, it’s because they’re assholes, not because they’re werewolves.
Alpha werewolves have a hard time, especially when young, of controlling their tempers and their urge to dominate, so a lot of them spend a few years in the military – it teaches them control, how to work as a team and control their impulses.

But basically, werewolves are people, too. They fall in love, get married, raise kids, have problems.

PJV: What turned your sights towards werewolves, as opposed to other paranormal creatures?

KH: I like wolves, first of all. My third favorite animal, after dogs and horses. And I think the idea of a man who can turn into an animal is inherently sexy. Just think of the advantages of a werewolf boyfriend: immense strength, so he can always pick up you or anything else; serious personal protection; if you’re cold, he’s always warm; and, unlike a vampire, you can take him to the beach.

My world also includes fae – high fae (what in times past were called elves or fairies), brownies, dwarves, sprites, etc. I think I’m going to do a short story featuring a high fae hero.  And there are non-werewolf shapeshifters as well.

PJV: Your novel features some pretty smokin’ hot Alphas...who inspired those men?

KH: When I first started writing YMAH, Cade was going to be a bigger asshole. I mean, he still has his asshole moments, no doubt, but as I wrote him he started turning more smartass, cocky, less darkly intimidating.

Honestly, the guy I had in my head as Cade’s physical model? It was a character played by Eric McCormick (of Will and Grace) on a Canadian series way back in the 90s. It was a spinoff of the movie Lonesome Dove; one season it was Lonesome Dove: The Series and the second season it was Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years. McCormick’s character was an antihero and sexy as hell. But like I said, as I wrote him Cade became less asshole, more smartass. I think he still looks like Clay Mosby (even the same initials.)

Michael just sort of grew – he started out as just Cade’s second, but he took on a life of his own. He’s grumpy, sarcastic; he doesn’t have a child to bring out the nurturer or protector in him, like Cade does. Michael needs a woman to knock him on his ass, metaphorically and maybe literally. Michael, I think, looks like Josh Holloway when he played Sawyer on Lost.

BTW – I’m working on a steampunk romance set in 19th century Galveston and I think the hero’s gonna be another take on Clay Mosby. I didn’t do it on purpose – he’s just a swaggering dandy. And I love dark haired, bearded bad boys. (Hi, Vishous. Can’t wait to see you in Lover Unleased. Xxxoooo)

PJV: Are we going to see more of the Colorado Pack?

KH: Yep. Michael gets his own book. I have the vaguest of outlines in my head.

PJV: How has becoming a published author changed your life?

Kiss and Kin: A Sexy Shifter storyKH: Well, it’s brought in some much needed money on the side. (I work part time as a law librarian and my husband is a small business owner. Yeah, not rolling in dough right now.) More than that, it’s expanded my world to include a lot of really good friends whom I’ve never met in person (although I’ll meet some of them at the Romantic Times convention in April!)

I love, love, love, love that people actually pay to read something I wrote, and then write to tell me they love it. I can’t tell you what a thrill that is. I’ve dreamed of doing this all my life – I wish I’d started in my twenties, instead of my mid-40s. Word to the youngsters: If there’s something you’re dreaming of doing, don’t put it off. Do it!

I’ve been asked to contribute articles to MacMillan’s new romance blog, Heroes and Heartbreakers, which is cool. So my world and my opportunities have just grown so much, and they continue to grow. I love that. I love change. The status quo makes me itch.

PJV: What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

KH: Like I said above – if you’ve dreamed of writing a book, quit dreaming and do it. It doesn’t cost any money to sit down and start writing. But it does take putting your butt in the chair and doing it.

If you’re aspiring to write genre fiction, whether it be romance or mystery or SF, find a writer’s group, or two, and join. When Samhain Publishing rejected the first novella I sent them, Angie James suggested I join Romance Divas to learn more about what it takes to get published – not just the writing part but the business part. It was probably the best advice I’ve gotten about the industry thus far.

If you’re already writing romance, start entering RWA chapter contests.

And seriously consider starting out in e-publishing. You might decide you’re not in such a hurry to try your hand with New York.

PJV: With the explosion of eBook sales and eReaders as of late, is being an ‘eAuthor’ with one of the leading ePubs, Samhain, an exciting place to be?

KH: Samhain is, in my opinion, at the absolute cutting edge of epublishing. Chrissie Brashear, the owner of Samhain, is an epub genius (she denies this. She’s wrong.) She’s taking the company places other epublishers haven’t thought to go, or don’t realize they should be going. I have no doubt that Samhain will be the perfect sweet spot between traditional New York publishing and all the other epublishers, if they’re not there already.

I think epublishing will continue to grow, as more people buy ereaders and discover the fun and ease of ebooks. Ebooks, as a share of the book market, will continue to encroach on print publishing, I think.

Mind you, I don’t think print books are going away, and I certainly don’t want them to.

PJV: What paranormal creature would you like to be? And which one would you most likely date?

KH: As for the one I’d most like to date – a werewolf, no question.

As for what I’d like to be…hmm. I wouldn’t mind being a shapeshifter of some kind. Or a high fae, with a really cool talent, like absolute and total recall (shamefully blatant promo alert in 3, 2, 1…) That’s the talent of the heroine of my next novella, Ready to Run, out in August.

PJV: What is your best Spring Break memory?

KH: Oh dear. Truth is – and I’m embarrassed to admit it – I never went on Spring Break. I never had the money to do it while I was in college. I always had a job, and I never seemed to save the money. I had a great time in college, but that’s not one of my memories.

Kiss and Kin: A Sexy Shifter storyYours, Mine and Howls: Werewolves in Love, Book 2

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