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Feature & Follow #61

Welcome to the Feature & Follow

If you are new to the #FF fun, Feature & Follow Friday is a blog hop that expands your blog following by a joint effort between bloggers. Feature & Follow Friday is now hosted by TWO hosts, myself of course and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it'll allow us to show off more new blogs!

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Our Feature  - Lisa @ Lisa Loves Literature

First HUGE apology to Lisa - sorry I messed up the posts.

I have been addicted to books since my mom bought me the first 20 books in the Nancy Drew series when I was like 7 years old.  I know I have a problem, if I walk by books anywhere, I have to stop and look if possible, even garage sales and the grocery store!  I current am a middle school science teacher, but a few years after I started teaching, I decided to get a Master's degree in library science, and since then I have been searching for a library job.  It is hard to get out of science though.  So along with working at a bookstore part time, I enjoy sharing about the books I read with my students.  
I began blogging a few years ago on Live Journal.  I soon moved to a more public blog site, Blogger, when a fellow avid reader that I was one of my managers at the bookstore I work at told me about her blog.  I really read all kinds of books, but have lately, or maybe around the time Twilight came out, really gotten in to Teen or YA books.  There are so many good ones out there it is hard to not just read them all, or try to.  Not sure when this will be posted, so can't really tell what I'm reading now, because I could be many books past when I wrote this originally.  I guess I could say I'm currently reading whatever e-galleys I can get from, expecially YA books that have yet to be released when possible.  I really want to get my blog up to at least 100 followers because of some publishers on Netgalley look at that before they let you have a copy, and I enjoy meeting people who love to read the same books I read to get their opinions and new ideas to read.

Q. If you could change the ending of any book (or series), which book would you choose? Why and to what?

This is going to be a spoiler fest so try to write the title of the book as a dominant feature - and warn people about spoilers.

I don't have very many series that I want to change up no matter how many books in the series might have upset me with cliffhangers, the ending usually has a wonderful culmination that makes everything make sense (...Shadowfeaver).

But a last book in a series that I really disliked and was bittersweet was Breaking Dawn. I think it was the ultimate cop-out of Stephanie Meyers to (haven't read the series STOP NOW!!)

for one name the child Reneseme or whatever it was. What was that? And for two, imprint the child on to Jacob.  What an easy way to have Jacob get off of Bella's back and to tie things up so nicely. Easy way out! How did I see it ending? Certainly not with Bella pregnant. I thought it would end in an epic battle on Bella and Edward's return with the Volturi breathing down their backs. Jacob comes back to confront Edward before he turns Bella...they battle. Jacob rips Edwards to shreds, but in the process Bella tries to save him and gets bit by both the vampire and the werewolf. Jacob so torn up by almost hurting Bella runs off to L.A. and ends up imprinting on a Hollywood actress and becoming the next big film star. Bella turns into the first werewolf / vampire hybrid and wreaks havoc because she is torn up over Edward's death.

Vampire hunters descend on her, but she is so strong in her new hybrid state that she takes them down - but in the end causes the government to take notice of her. She is recruited in to a government agency that specializes in tracking bad vampires. Where she finds a niche group of people and a place to be herself...until she finds her husband is not quite dead...

I might have mixed up a story here.

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Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...

THIS. Just to everything you said about Breaking Dawn. Ironically, I picked the same series to change the ending of, Just, no.

Have a fantastic weekend! : )

Jennifer said...

Breaking Dawn was my favorite in the series.
But I did think Nessie's name was a little out there. And ridiculous.

The Bawdy Book Blog

Mimi Valentine said...

I actually didn't really mind the ending of Breaking Dawn! Despite the fact that it played out a little too neatly, there's nothing wrong with an author wanting a happy ending for her characters, right? :)

Here's my Follow Friday! And I have a brand new 300 Followers Giveaway up and running, if you want to enter!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - couldn't do the Twilight books. I tried but could get into the first one at all.

This is my first Follow Friday so I'm excited to join in the fun.

Tania @

Patricia Lynne said...

That sounds like a much more action packed adventure. lol

Anonymous said...

seems a lot of peeps wanted a different ending for Breaking Dawn :) old follower here!

my FF:

Tia said...

A lot of people have issues with Breaking Dawn!!

My Follow Friday

Pixie@The Bookaholic said...

Wasn't a big fan of Twilight, but I bet I would have loved your version sooooo much more. xD Sounds awesome. :P

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Felicia said...

I loved this series! I agree with you on so many things. I hated the name that Meyer's came up with for Bella's daughter. The government thing would be a nice twist. lol.

Happy Follow Friday! :)

Alison Can Read said...

Love your BD idea. I'm a sucker for happy endings so I liked the ending, but overall I thought the book was too weird in getting to the happy ending. I could've skipped Nessie all together. I hate her name but I think the idea behind it is kind of cute.

fairypenguin said...

I wasn't a fan of the Twilight series in general, but Breaking Dawn really...broke me. It just didn't seem very well thought out, and to be honest I found it disturbing.

Daniel A Kaine said...

I only read the first one, and that was painful enough for me. Which is why I've decided to pick the first Twilight book as my answer. Not only does my ending solve the sparklpire problem, make Bella less of a Mary-Sue, solve the whole love triangle problem with Jacob, but it effectively ends the Twilight series -- another huge plus.

Hayley said...

Yay another follow Friday :D How do you pick our features?

Jenna and Ashley said...

I was kind of frustrated with Twilight as well. Renesme is possibly the weirdest name they could have had for their half human/half vamp child. It's already its own species, but they did that thing some new parents do; not think about the lasting effects of their child's name on their child's mental state. I like your ending and your Hollywood twist. Not sure that I would want Edward to die though. The imprinting of Jacob on their daughter grossed me out in a major way because of their age difference, not to mention that Bella and Jacob sort of had feelings for each other...
-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (old follower)

Kristin Aragon said...

Girl, your post nearly had me peeing in my pants, I was laughing so hard. That is quite an imagination there! LOL!

Great answer!

My Follow Friday

Have a great weekend!

Ninja Girl said...

Yes, yes, and yes! I agree totally. Great job on the alt ending btw, would've preferred yours I think.
Ninja Girl

aLmYbNeNr said...

I saw Alison mentioned the Twilight series too. I'm okay with those.

I wrote about Forever. This question was awesome because it didn't stump me...I just finished preparing my review of Forever and everything just fit together.

Preet @ A Written Rhapsody said...

I would TOTALLY love to read your version over the original.

A Written Rhapsody

Anna said...

Your ending is way better. I would buy that book.

Kylie1403 said...

Hahah I chose the same book and mostly ranted for a bit! GAH that book really got to me!

- Kylie

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

Ha ha, I loved your version of Breaking Down a whole lot more than the original one. That was the weakest link in the saga, sadly I did not enjoy Breaking Down. It felt like it was rushed, it could have been some much more!

Lauren B said...

I love your alternative ending...
Sounds a bit like the Underworld movie with Michael becoming a hybrid werewolf vampire.

Books4Juliet said...

Hahaha! =) You made an interesting alternative ending! Great job on it! I wouldn't think of that...

Untouchable Treasure said...

Amen to the Twilight rewrite! I couldn't have agreed more.

RJ @ RJ Does Books said...

:D haha. Totally agree about Breaking Dawn xP There were so many things that I wanted to change too!

This is my first time participating in FF! :D
My Follow Friday

Baggins said...

Now there's a different ending! Nice!

Pepca said...

I'm happy with Twilight ending as it is. I would change some other books, though.

aparajita said...

Although I'm pretty happy with how the Twilight saga ended but i suppose you raise a very good point here.

Do check my FF post here -

Old Follower

~Valen~ said...

I have two endings I want to change, for two very different reasons: First, is what you said as well - Breaking Dawn. I however did really like Renesmee's name and thought it very Harry Potter-ish, but I was appalled by the whole imprinting thing in general, I mean there HAS GOT to be some serious psychological ramifications later down the line for both the Imprinter and the Imprintee. seriously. I didn't like that there was this huge build up and no battle, though I have heard that for the films, (Meyers' request) they are having a huge battle with the Volturi and many people will die, only for it to be revealed that Alice was having a vision, showing the Volturi what would happen if they were to fight, so that will be cool. Though I didn't like BD as an end to a (bad-ish) series, I did like its ending. The last scene between Bella and Edward was probably the most romantic-ish moment in the entire franchise. Number Two: I would change the ending of Libba Bray's The Sweet Far Thing, only because I utterly loved that book and thought it wonderful and beautiful and I never wanted it to end. I would change the ending simply so I could have read another 400 or so more pages, of that 800+ novel! Loved that book.

Peace and Gravy,


Jennifer | Book Den said...

LOL. I'm digging your new ending. :)

kathy said...

I actually quit the Twilight series before I could get to Breaking Dawn, but I remembered wondering if the wikipedia entry on how it ended was right. :) I bet a lot of people will pick BD (or Mockingjay).
Happy Friday!

Angel C @ Mermaid Vision Books said...

Oh Twilight. I used to be a fan (which I think we talked about a few days ago) but now all I do is shake my head when it's brought up in conversation. I read Breaking Dawn about a month before it came out and actually thought it was just fanfiction.

P.S. I'm new to Follow Friday! *waves*

Jenni Elyse said...

Hahaha! I love your ending. Even though I didn't care about the whole Renesmee thing, your ending just seems more fun. I would've been sad if Edward died, though. I don't think I could've handled it.

I chose Breaking Dawn as well, but for a different reason.

Jennifer said...

Great ending! Certainly would've been interesting. :) I chose Breaking Dawn too but mainly for the imprinting thing. Just no.

KindleJoy said...

Hi there!
I'm brand new to the blogger world out there. Hoping to find other bloggers that review my genres of books. Would love to connect to other Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Adventure/Action reviewers. Hopefully blog hopping can help? I can only hope :-D

Rachel R. said...

Hi! I'm new to the blog hopping thing and I really agree with you. But I liked Renesmee as a character! Just wonder what it would have been like if she had been Bella and Jacob's daughter instead. Thanks for doing this!
my blog link is:

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